Non-Disclosure Agreements

I would like to clarify how the release will effect the non-disclosure agreements that team members have agreed to. As of the 23rd, only the source code in the NuBit repository will be subject to non-disclosure. That means that if you have never had access to that code, then your obligations under the non-disclosure agreement essentially expire on September 23rd. You are free to share everything you know in that case.

The inner workings of our source code will not exactly be private information as of the 23rd either, but this statement requires clarification. Those who have access to the source code are encouraged to describe it using natural language (such as English) in any level of detail publicly as people ask questions. Small code snippets (less than 20 lines) may even be posted publicly to illustrate how specific aspects of the software work. What we want to prevent is some group taking our entire code base and creating a clone of our project. Investors have provided more than $600,000 to fund development, so we are trying to give them a return on investment. It is likely that at some point shareholders will pass a motion to open the source code to increase trust in our solution. Then things will change again.