New Store Accepting NuBits!

Hello, I am owner of PexPeppers and we are here in Pennsylvania accepting NuBits! I would however like to learn a bit more about the currency. Also, we have added a 20% discount automatically if you use coinpayments and pay in NuBits. Thanks Guys and pleasure to be part of the team.


Ask away. Basically, the shareholders are tasked with the job of keeping the peg and issuing nubits. The blockchain is hyper flexible, shareholders can vote in any kind of abstract contract because they control the ultimate means of nubit supply.

As a nubit user, basically all you need to know is that us-nbt is $1 and has been for a year and a half. We are working on making our contingency plans more transparent, but so far it has worked like a charm.


hey thats really awesome. also, what algo is this coin? this is all so cool.

PoS, forked from peercoin but PoW mining removed and a bunch of stuff added.

Hey, where are you at in Pennsylvania? I work near Aston, which is south of Philly.

harrisburg, if you want to visit me you can. pm me if you wish

I just checked. It’s about 2 hours away. PA is a pretty big state, lol.

i know right? so that means itd take you ~4.5 hours to get to scranton and like 6 to pittsburgh.

Gladly he can just order online and pay with NBT! :smiley:

damn straight! remember that this coin has 20% off automatically :slight_smile:

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May I ask you how to you handle the NBT payments?
Do you have a payment provider or do you collect the NBT and trade them yourself - or even better pay emplyoees or bills with them?
…the latter one is not yet widely used :wink:

I use actually. I’ve been using them since DOGE came out. so I’ve been around for awhile. I actually have no employees and do it all pretty much myself. Boy is it stressful. I trade the NBT for supplies and what not.

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Anyway, about NuBits. Unlike most cryptos, we actually are trying to become a day to day transactional currency, rather than just a volatile asset that people trade on exchanges for profit. The price stability is what can make this possible in the future. Nu can peg to any real world currency and plans are already underway to create pegs to the Euro, Yuan and SDR, all under the same blockchain.

Much of our time is currently spent improving our liquidity operations and building a model and rules for peg support. This will all be important as we expand.

We’re also working on ways to increase demand with B&C Exchange. BCE is a decentralized exchange we’re building which allows people to trade real cryptos like Bitcoin, rather than artificial proxy assets. NuBits will be able to thrive in an environment like this as it will be the only price stable coin that people can trade in and out of. We’re hoping that BCE will provide a springboard for NuBits and allow a larger amount of people to use it, leading people to gain more trust in our peg system.

Ultimately, we’d love to become the first choice for crypto users when it comes to day to day transactions and online shopping. It will take us a while to get there, but we’re constantly making progress toward that goal, so I’m hopeful. Merchants such as yourself certainly help while use of NuBits still remains low. Right now we’re still young though and a fear of peg failure may be a contributing factor to lower adoption levels. As time goes on with no peg failure, people will gain more trust in NuBits, leading to more adoption and use.

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been around for over a year now hasn’t it?

Yes, about a year and a half now. I believe people are weary of stable coins because of a fear of peg failure. They could lose all their money if the peg were to break. The more time goes by though with NuBits remaining stable, the more we solidify Nu’s reputation and people’s trust in our peg. This should hopefully lead to more people deciding to use NuBits and increasing levels of adoption.

Congratulations Pepper-King!

You really did a smart move in order to avoid those “obscene” fees from credit card payment processors. And you got a powerful (and stable) payment option to increase your overseas sales.

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Yes, and there have already been rough waters, there’s still a lot to do, but Nu is in the best shape (process wise and liquidity provision scheme wise) ever!

NuDroid is an amazing Android app, NuLagoon Tube offers shapeshift like conversion between NBT and BTC (it’s a little bit more complicated to get the first tx done, because you need to register your NBT and BTC address, but from then on it’s as easy as pie), etc.

The future with Blocks&Chains Exchange and additional pegged products looks bright.

thats really cool, an integrated exchange!

oh my yes. ever since I accepted crypto starting in 2013, my business has exploded. although there hasnt been many crypto orders… at all as of late.

There are periods that cryptos are used more as assets (storing and keeping value) than actual money.
NU can change that and offer the best of both worlds. we just need to overcome the speculation era :wink: