New Store Accepting NuBits!

excellent. now im just waiting for somebody to bite the bullet. become the first NuBit Pizza guy lol.

Which sauce is your favorite?

To The Moon for a savory sauce, and sweet would have to be cosmic peach

How about spicy?

spicy would be red rage and killerswarm. both are excruciatingly delicious

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If everything pans out, US-NBT will always be $1 :wink:

works for me!

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Just imagine you can use the US-NBT to pay bills with them, pay suppliers, etc.!
Wouldn’t that be more convenient than changing US-NBT to USD back and forth?
Wouldn’t that be a nice future?
…and if you need CN-NBT (pegged to Chinese Yuan), EU-NBT (pegged to EUR) or X-NBT (pegged to Special Drawings Rights) you can just trade them for a very low fee!
No need to involve banks at all!
Ok, the additional products will take some more time until they are introduced, but… :slight_smile:

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that would be wicked!

that will be wicked :smiley:

alright! We just got our first NuBit Sale!!!


@Sentinelrv, was that you? :wink:

I do not believe it was

Even better! :smiley:

I have the following today:

Thank you for your time.

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