Mini Community Newsletter

@Nagalim has been posting some community updates every couple of days on our subreddit. You can see an example here. I think this is a really great initiative that could be expanded to become more effective.

I think there’s an opportunity to try and put out a Mini community newsletter as a crowd sourced initiative. Just to throw a layout into the mix for discussion:

  1. We designate a couple of days and a time to put out the newsletter. (Tuesdays and Fridays?)
  2. On those days a new wiki post will be created that [Trust Level 3 Users] ( can edit. The top level post will be formatted similar to @Nagalim’s with bulleted community highlights. Anyone can make a post in that forum requesting that some info be added to the wiki newsletter.
  3. Once the release time has been reached the post will be locked and anyone can copy/paste the raw markdown to share around. This will work great on reddit, many different forums, and other places that support makrdown. We could use something like to turn the post into a github page blog really easy.

Example: * [This is a thing that happened] ( * [This is also a thing that happened] ( * [This is a thing that happened as well] (

I think it would be a great way for the people really knowledgeable with day-to-day Nu workings to collect important events into a single place with links to find more info, and also make it very portable. For instance we could make a weekly post or the /r/cryptocurrency subreddit, bitcointalk, other communities, or as i’ve already said on a community blog. Thoughts? (Sorry @Nagalim if this seems like i’m trying to take your thunder away. I really love your reddit initiative and I think it’s something the community should support and expand so that’s why I’m making this post)


Can I ask what happened to this? Last time I heard about it was Spring 2015.

It seemed to be a mobile supported page that we could link anybody to, but it could also be sent out to shareholders or NuBits users who subscribed to the newsletter. The presentation of the newsletter looks really great.

Basically it came down to overhead, and we have far less available resources since that time. Setting up the server cost time, monthy payments, maintenance, security. Lots of stuff involved which is why I’m hoping this more mini crowd sourced approach would be successful in the long term.