DRAFT - Community Newsletter Template Planning

I’m not sure what email address you guys use for your various accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc… What you would need to do is create an account on Mailchimp with the email address usually used by the NuBits team. Once the account is created, then you can add people to help manage the newsletter by sending invitations to their email address. You can set it up so that these managers only have so much control over the account, and can’t change important things. You could send invites to me and Yurizhai. PM me if you need my email address. Also, last time I looked, I think there was a way to add a signup form for the newsletter to the NuBits Facebook page.

@Ben has identified a very useful newsletter tool that we may look at installing directly onto nubits.com. Will update here once I have an update.

@Yurizhai @Sentinelrv

It looks like it may be at least another week or two before we get newsletter software up and running. What do you think about releasing our first newsletter on Sunday March 7th on this sub-forum? We can work collaboratively to refine the template based on what you each think is relevant. Ideally we would collect all submission content by Friday March 5th, and have it edited and ready for publishing by March 7th.

It would be a great test run for when the newsletter software is installed, so that we can minimize re-work of the template there.

Sounds good. I’ll set aside some time to work on it late this week/early next week.

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Hi Tom. Sorry I haven’t replied until now, but I haven’t been around this forum for the last week due to spending about 40-50 hours helping to redesign the Peercointalk forum with FuzzyBear. This means I’m a little behind here, plus I’m not completely caught up on the Peercoin forum yet. It’s still going to take me a little bit I’m afraid. Will you guys be able to manage without me, or should I prioritize working on this first?

I think Yuri and I can handle it fine - the first issue or two will largely be experimental, trying to find out what works best. You guys did a nice job re-designing the PCT forum, it looks great!

Update: We’ve installed the newsletter software, thanks to @Ben. Not only will the software allow us to build out attractive newsletters, it also has a very large amount of detailed marketing metrics available. Those conversion metrics will help us refine our newsletter to ensure maximum exposure.

I’m building out a newsletter template within the software with CoinGame and hope to have it done tomorrow. Without promising anything, I’d like to aim for Monday March 9th as a first launch.

Update: This is a sample image of the draft template that has been designed so far. Everything is open to change at this point, right down to the red (unread) and gold (read) link titles. If you see an opportunity to improve the template, please let me know. I’m excited to unveil the newsletter soon - I think the mobile functionality in particular will make it very readable on all devices.

We’re one step closer to having a weekly update that will make it much easier for shareholders to stay informed and active.


Hey, that’s pretty cool looking!

True, but there is the risk of less traffic on the forum which is a bit quiet lately. So I suggest to make sure that there are some teasers left to actually visit the forum or website and participate in discussions.

Definitely! That was my intention for the weekly top posts section. It provides a quick path directly into our forum, even for people who have only visited www.nubits.com before. I think it will actually help increase forum activity.

Any new development with the newsletter? This is such a good idea and I would love to see this (if possible) at least monthly…

@Ben has been making some enhancements to the template to provide automatic image updating. Once he is ready with that, we’ll be able to start releasing it at regular intervals.

@tomjoad @Ben any updates on the newsletter?

I’ve been working on it today. Hoping tomorow I’ll have the updates made to the template and the CSS inliner code updates made to Sendy.

I ran out of time before I left on my trip last week :frowning:

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Will it have an email counterpart for people who don’t visit the website often as I suggested before?

Will a special “announcement” news fit in here?

I also suggest we add a technical section where we talk about present and future development-related news.
Also, from a technical/dev point of view. Pull request, Outstanding Issues, Feature requests, Next versions …

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Will it have an email counterpart for people who don’t visit the website often as I suggested before?

What I’m working on is email-based, with an web-accessible component.

Any update?

I just wanted to mention that as I wrote in this post, I’m currently working every weekend to get up to speed on everything. In addition to the NuBits thread on Bitcointalk and updating the history page, I would also like to start writing for this community newsletter as it has become apparent that shareholders may be having a hard time keeping up with the latest things that are going on at the forum.