Mandatory upgrade to Nu 2.0 by August 25th

Note that a wallet created with this version of the library will not work on the official build. It’s not a problem if you intend to always use the wallet with this version (or a later one), but if you ever have to run the official build it won’t be able to read your wallet file.
See this message for an explanation:

You can use the bitcoin ppa to get the libdb4.8+±dev package that is compatible with the official build:

Ah, the wallet file… then I create a new blank one :wink:
Thanks for the advise anyway!

I just tried to compile a new version of nud and was about to install the repo ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin, but the packages there are not for ARM CPUs.
I’ll have a look at where to get the BerkeleyDB 4.8 to make a compatible nud on my RPI.

Thanks for the hint! I’m sure it saves me plenty of time compared to not knowing about the mess I did with compiling nud using libdb5.1 and facing unexpected trouble!

Here’s some snippets for those who want to build nud on the RaspberryPi with BerkeleyDB4.8 (and don’t find a repository with compiled libdb).
I suggest to remove libdb5.1 (or whatever is installed) first - I don’t know which version is going to be preferred if both are installed.

cd ~/
tar xvf db-4.8.30.tar.gz
cd db-4.8.30/build_unix
../dist/configure --enable-cxx
sudo make install

Sorry if this has been mentioned in a post already but from what I could see there’s not been a successful build on a raspberry pi yet?

Otherwise I might have to temporarily put my NSR on my mac then transfer back when there’s an RPi build.

Of course there are successful builds - e.g. mine.
But as I compiled it using BerkeleyDB5.1 it converts the wallet files and makes them incompatible with official builds (that are built with BerkeleyDB4.8).
That’s what @sigmike was referring to.

If you just want to compile it and run it and don’t have to care for wallet files, then it’s easy on RaPi.
Building nud it with BerkeleyDB4.8 is a bit harder, because it can’t be found in the standard repo (and in no trustworthy repo I’m aware of) and needs to be installed manually.

This output is from my RaPi2:

I think the version is “dirty-beta” because when I cloned the source code from github, 2.0 wasn’t yet in the master branch and I had to switch to checkout the 2.0.0-Stable-Release branch.

Hey thanks for that. How do you mean it makes the wallet incompatible though? Do you mean it’ll ruin the current wallet and I’ve just got to resend the NSR to the newly compiled version 2. Or do you mean that the wallet simply doesn’t work?

This is what @sigmike told us about it (compiling nud with libdb5.1):

In short: once you opened you wallet(s) with a version compiled with libdb5.1, there’s no way back to application versions compiled with libdb4.8 (the official builds).

Have installed and running successfully Nu 2.0

I am currently locked out of my raspberry and therefore can’t get a build anytime soon.

because password login is disabled?

hahaha :wink: almost. Nope I think that something is wrong with port forwarding, ssh keys are ok.

I’m concerned because I haven’t heard anything regarding exchanges upgrading. Is any one able to report whether any specific exchange has upgraded to 2.0?

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This is probably a good place to keep track of progress. Bolded exchanges will mean those that we are sure have completed the upgrade. I will keep this updated daily as we approach August 25. If anyone has a status update they are aware of regarding a certain exchange, please share it in this thread.


  • Confirmed through private chat:



  • Confirmed through tech support response to @Nagalim

Poloniex tech support responded saying they are fully up to date.


Yep. I upgraded shortly after it was released. Thanks for the heads up


  • Response:

Thanks for that. I’ve built it and the building process seemed successful.

Bitcoin Indonesia

  • Emailed @bitcoincoid (Oscar - CEO)
  • Emailed general support
  • Tweeted bitcoincoid


  • Emailed Lin (wallet manager)
  • Emailed general support
  • Tweeted BTERcom
  • Response indicates they’re aware:

Thanks for your information. It is reported to our dev team .


  • Emailed general support
  • Tweeted AltsTrade


Thanks for the notification!


  • Emailed Mark (CEO)
  • Emailed general support
  • Tweeted AllCoinEx


  • Confirmed upgrade

We are now fully updated on all wallets related to Nubits and Nushares.


  • Confirmed through email

We are running client version “v2.0.0-1-g59ea3a3-beta”.

For reference, here is the email that was sent.

Email Subject: IMPORTANT - All exchanges must upgrade to Nu v2.0 by August 25, 2015

Email Body: Dear Exchange Operator,

The Nu 2.0 release has passed testing and the team agrees it is now ready for general deployment on the production network. The new protocol will become effective August 25th at 14:00 UTC. If you don’t upgrade by then, your client will reject 2.0 blocks and be isolated on a non-consensus fork. So upgrading is truly mandatory.

Download Links:

Exchange Integration Guide:

Public Announcement: Mandatory upgrade to Nu 2.0 by August 25th

It would be appreciated if you can confirm with us when you have made the update to v2.0.


Nu Development Team


Can @masterOfDisaster confirm that the standard 2.0 release wallet*.dat can be copied over and mint on self-built Nu 2.0 on R-pi using BD 5.x?

I can confirm that. I have only few NSR in that wallet and that’s the reason why I was asking for RaPi binaries from the beginning once Nu was not open source - running it on a PC would make no sense.
But meanwhile I’ve minted with my 2.0.0 nud on my RaPi that was compiled with BerkeleyDB5.1

the wallet (and more) get converted from using BD5.1.
Once you started nud with BD5.1 there’s no way back to nud with BD4.8.
I highly recommend to backup the wallet(s) and the whole app directory.

Once the 2.0 nu runs, even blockchain file blk0001.dat cannot be read by the old nu.

Perhaps this is linked to Nu 2.0 qt won't boot up

Since we are getting close to the mandatory upgrade date; can anyone provide a build for raspberry pi of the 2.0?

I can provide you with a self-made version of nud, but I need to issue the warning that it was compiled using BerkeleyDB5.1 and converts your wallet files as well as the blockchain files into a format that won’t be compatible with the official releases of Nu clients.
…the standard warning never to trust software from “unknown” sources applies as well.
Maybe I can guide you through compiling your own version?

Even better: you might try compiling a version that uses BerkeleyDB4.8 which would be compatible with the official releases and document the steps? :wink:
…the challenge starts with getting BerkeleyDB4.8 on the rpi - you need to compile and install that from the source…

It’s not as bad as it may sound. If you copy the offcial wallet to the R-pi and let the R-pi mint on it, whatever happens to the R-pi wallet will get propagated to the official PC/laptop wallet when it is brought on-line and updated, and you have two wallets of the same state, synchronized by the blockchain.

Thank you masterOfDisaster, if you can detail the steps here. Also many nushare holders that are interested to mint on their R-pi will be thankful to have some sort of guide on the steps to follow.