Links on to read motions and join discussion

I think it would be neat being able to quickly find out which hash is what motion when looking at the motions at

I don’t know if it’s possible to search Discourse through a URL. An alternative is using Google (or another search engine) restrained to, if even that.

Would you want to have something like this, or does it “bind” motions and/or too much to this forum regarding (de)centralisation of discussion. Convenience vs ideology?

There’s also Daology (announcement) to consider. I assume it will be indexed by search engines too, but can we skip that step and link directly?

If you scroll to the bottom of you can see that the motions used to link to the post through the blue arrow icon.

Somewhere along the way that practice stopped. I don’t know if it was an automatic process or if someone was manually linking each motion hash to the forum topic. @Ben might have some insight.

Right now on Daology we use a content hash to identify different pieces of content, which is different than the body hash of the content. In the future when we add search functionality it will be really easy search for a content item by its hash id, body hash, and other criteria. We’re not quite there yet. I have thoughts of also including it as a URL parameter. Of course this would only work for content that was created on Daology.