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welcome you!

Been playing with bitcoin for a while.

Liked checking out some of the new things that altcoins have been doing, but after a new one every day I lost interest.

Heard about NuBits at Money 20/20 and it got my interest


Hello Nu people,

Got into BTC after China went crazy last year. Really like cryptos and what they can do. Earlier this year, after personal developments, I couldn’t afford to remain invested in coin because of the volatility. I was very excited when my friend told me about NuBits because I think it is just what the coin world has needed. I can hold coin without having to play speculator game. The real value of cryptos is utility not cashing in on price pumps. I’ll be lurking around trying to learn and help as I can.

Happy to hear about ya’ll.


Welcome to the forums, gballs!

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Hey everyone! I am Scott. Though my username is GreatScott, you can just call me Scott. My real name isn’t Scott, but now I am just rambling.

I spent a couple days looking over NuBits and was pretty excited about the prospects of this technology. I am definitely a sound money guy when it comes to monetary policy, so this all feels kind of weird setting interest rates for a currency, but I bought me some NSR anyways.

Glad to be on the board with all of you! Nice site design, Team!


I have seen several new nicknames posting on this forum but no replies to this topic (maybe the ‘latest’ view?) !

We also have a thread for answering questions from newcomers if needed : Welcome, newcomer! Ask questions here

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I’m sure there are new people here because of Ben’s recent interview. Bumping this just in case they want to introduce themselves.


Bumping again for anyone who is finding out about us today! Please consider introducing yourself if you are a lurker on the forums.

Somehow I missed this thread. Thanks for bumping it! My introduction is long overdue.

Technology has been part of my life since I was young, and I’ve found that I have developed myself into a bit of a jack of all trades – sysadmin/netadmin, software developer with C++/Qt skills, and a small business entrepreneur on the side. My day job is directly related to the Internet.

I remember reading about a vague concept of cryptocurrency in (I think) 2600 Magazine about 15 years ago, and thought of the concept as completely revolutionary and an imminent complement to the boom. I stumbled into Bitcoin in 2011 when I heard the alleged stories about homes being raided by law enforcement because they interpreted the homes’ high energy consumption being used to grow marijuana. I knew something valuable was going on, and needed to understand what. At the time, difficulty was somewhere around 90,000.

I got in to Peercoin on its launch day, knowing that Proof of Stake was ultimately more sensible than Proof of Work, but yet Proof of Work had its value in enabling a sensible form of distribution for a coin launch. It was natural that Nu would come across my radar due to its ties to Peercoin.

I was very skeptical of Nu on its launch day because – very frankly – it looked like a premine scam. The block diagram showing the entities left me with the feeling that the complexity would be used to take value away from me by some sleight of hand.

I was turned from skeptic to believer primarily through this forum – the maturity of the team members, the diversity of skills, and the mindset in many that know that the most difficult days and hardest work is still ahead.

I’m delighted to be with you on this project, and am looking forward to using my skills to further it.


Hello Nu Community,

In early 2014 the whole buzz around BItcoin made me interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies and I quickly started to dig deeply into this fascinating area. PoS consensus algorithms particularly catched my interest. My background is computer science (not directly cryptography or economics related) and I love programming.

After I reimplemented the Peershares concept for another PoS algorithm I began to read more and more about the NuShare concept and became very excited about it because it decentralizes the decision process in a perfectly sufficient yet simple (and therefore robust) way. This combined with the collective goal to maintain the currency at a pegged unit could in fact work.

I bought NSR from the market and used the one week min age wisely to select my motions in a responsible way. I am looking forward to reading a lot of interesting discussions on the development of this project and hope to become a valuable member of the community.



I got into bitcoin during the march 2013 bubble, riding the volatility, but mostly learning about the technology behind it. I was amazed at how revolutionary it was, despite its flaws. then I started learning about altcoins, and how they could address some of the problems with bitcoin. This is the beauty of open source software- anyone can just fork it and try something new. most projects will die out or become a small niche. but a few will take off.

it’s increasingly apparent that volatility is one of the biggest flaws in bitcoin, (and most alts), and nubits is one possible way to account for that volatility. I still have a lot of research to do… but it’s going to be a wild ride!


Hi All

I am Oscar Darmawan, CEO of - Biggest Bitcoin Exchange in Indonesia. We have about 42,000 registered verified members in our site and handling 200-400 Bitcoin daily. I am interested with concept of Nubits that pegged into US dollar.

Because of our belief in Nubits concept, we have open Nubits/Bitcoin in our exchange 5 minutes ago with 0% trading fee (forever). Our Nubits/BTC exchange can be accessed in here:


Hot diggity! Welcome to the forum!


I hope this finds you all well.

I’m a crypto enthusiast // miner and hope to learn more about Nushare and nubits.
Wishing you all the best in this new year.

Warmest Regards,


Hi, I am James Clayton, also known as CryptoClub and CryptoCC. I run a Cryptocurrency Collectors Club on Facebook, there are around 4100 of us there. I also write for some Crypto sites and blogs, and I am a consultant for Ribbit, and on the team for Horizon. In the club we have lots of developers and people involved in Crypto Currency. Nushares is one of my more recent additions to my collection, so I have been buying some up when I can, and talking about it with those interested.

I think this project is very interesting, and if anyone from Nushares Nubits wants to join the club to talk about the project, they are more than welcome! Currently it is myself vs lots of Bitshares holders, I also like Bitshares, but I don’t see why I can’t invest in both myself. Nushares has also not shot up to 100 million plus yet, so I am waiting for that to happen. :wink:


Hey everyone,

I am Joshua J. Bouw from the Blackcoin Foundation. I am a digital currency enthusiast, collector, tinkerer, and advocate.

Fell in love with Blackcoin when it first came out and have been working hard with developers, businesses and the public to ensure that everyone is satisfied with our work.

Loving the NuButs concept and we recently have adopted it as a base trading pair on Black Wave Lab’s exchange.

Nice to meet you all,

~ Joshua J. Bouw


@SkullandHeadphones, @CryptoClub, @GrittNAuld


We hope you enjoy participating in the Nu community. If you see ideas for improvements, or areas of our operations you don’t like, don’t be afraid to speak up. We’re intent on gradually building the best collection of cryptocurrency talent in the world over the next couple years. Glad to have each of you here.

Thanks Tom!

I’m just a Crypto Currency freak fascinated by the possibility of NU. I hope to be able to contribute to this community in the near future and help anyway possible.

Lets chance the World one user at a time.


Nice to meet you. I am from South America. Here the banks are difficult to use and are not trustworthy. So NuBits can be very useful here. We use American dollars to major business, for example, to buy cars and houses. In the future, hopefully NuBits not use American dollars.

I am preparing a proposal to be a liquidity provider custodian. I want to help Nu succeed.


kingscrown from reddit and blog
came here to make 1st ATM with NBT inside - as reddit/r/nubits suggested me