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Hot diggity! Welcome to the forum!


I hope this finds you all well.

I’m a crypto enthusiast // miner and hope to learn more about Nushare and nubits.
Wishing you all the best in this new year.

Warmest Regards,


Hi, I am James Clayton, also known as CryptoClub and CryptoCC. I run a Cryptocurrency Collectors Club on Facebook, there are around 4100 of us there. I also write for some Crypto sites and blogs, and I am a consultant for Ribbit, and on the team for Horizon. In the club we have lots of developers and people involved in Crypto Currency. Nushares is one of my more recent additions to my collection, so I have been buying some up when I can, and talking about it with those interested.

I think this project is very interesting, and if anyone from Nushares Nubits wants to join the club to talk about the project, they are more than welcome! Currently it is myself vs lots of Bitshares holders, I also like Bitshares, but I don’t see why I can’t invest in both myself. Nushares has also not shot up to 100 million plus yet, so I am waiting for that to happen. :wink:


Hey everyone,

I am Joshua J. Bouw from the Blackcoin Foundation. I am a digital currency enthusiast, collector, tinkerer, and advocate.

Fell in love with Blackcoin when it first came out and have been working hard with developers, businesses and the public to ensure that everyone is satisfied with our work.

Loving the NuButs concept and we recently have adopted it as a base trading pair on Black Wave Lab’s exchange.

Nice to meet you all,

~ Joshua J. Bouw


@SkullandHeadphones, @CryptoClub, @GrittNAuld


We hope you enjoy participating in the Nu community. If you see ideas for improvements, or areas of our operations you don’t like, don’t be afraid to speak up. We’re intent on gradually building the best collection of cryptocurrency talent in the world over the next couple years. Glad to have each of you here.

Thanks Tom!

I’m just a Crypto Currency freak fascinated by the possibility of NU. I hope to be able to contribute to this community in the near future and help anyway possible.

Lets chance the World one user at a time.


Nice to meet you. I am from South America. Here the banks are difficult to use and are not trustworthy. So NuBits can be very useful here. We use American dollars to major business, for example, to buy cars and houses. In the future, hopefully NuBits not use American dollars.

I am preparing a proposal to be a liquidity provider custodian. I want to help Nu succeed.


kingscrown from reddit and blog
came here to make 1st ATM with NBT inside - as reddit/r/nubits suggested me


Hello everyone. I am usually a reddit lurker but I have been actively trying to post more and be a positive voice in the crypto world. I believe Nu has great potential but that will only come with participation and debate. I look forward to talking with like minded individuals even if we may disagree on the details :slight_smile:


Welcome Joe to Nu!

Bump for the new people!

Hello ! I’m hgfernan, a software developer from Brazil since a long time.

The cryptocoins caught my attention, for they touch several different areas: from cryptography, to economy, passing through distributed processing, payment systems, and reaching even the economic and political organization of the global society. An amazing thing is that they provide creative, sensible and fruitful solutions to several of these areas.

For me at least, NuBits seems to deliver much of what Bitcoin currently only promises. I’ve made an attempt to translate to Portuguese the labels and messages used in NuBits software, with the
great help (and patience :smile:) of @CoinGame. It is currently waiting a veteran proofreader.

I’m trying to understand what NuBits is, but i liked what i saw, from the community to the technical solutions. I count on this group to learn and to help more this fascinating project.


Welcome @hgfernan

NuBits seems to deliver much of what Bitcoin currently only promises.

Well put

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Thanks for your kind words, @crypto_coiner. You do a lot for the success of NBT, and your words mean a lot to me.

It will be nice to learn more about NBT, and create new projects with this knowledge. I’m already thinking about a thing or two. :sunglasses:

I wish a great weekend for everybody and your familes.


Hello everybody! I am Nikola (30), medical doctor from village of Bezdan near Sombor, Serbia. ( still pretty fresh, become MD just two months ago).

I have 10 years experience with student,non goverment and social organisations, 3 years experience with community currency development (it is also virtual money, but not crypto, often used in local communities).

I believe in transparent world with at hope and possibilities for everyone. I am very radical in practice of virtual currencies because i really believe they will cure for the world. I am also crypto lover and visionary, and i predicted two currency system year and half ago. Found Nu month ago and started keeping up with you gyus. Nu system is really great. I know much about legal aspects, and i also have many good ideas what are possible options for further Nu development or in what directions should Nu go, limits etc.

I am glad to be part of this community. I have bad expirience on start of my nushare trading (since Bter closing) but i am not losing faith, tried investing on other exchanges, but still dont know how to setup dividends on wallet installed last night (i used coinomi app for exchanges). also still dont know how to vote.

Im not so good at English, but will do my best to prepare some custodian proposals in upcoming month.

Thanks again gyus, you are great :slight_smile:


Hi @nikolaso . Nice to have you on board and to see the community growing.

Really? Either you took three hours for this text or we have nothing to complain about here :wink:

Welcome aboard!

Welcome @nikolaso

I am intrigued - what currency system?

Virtual currency I envisioned is ALVA - Alternative Value. Alva is LETS (local exchange trading system). LETS helps people exchange their goods and services using simple credit clearing mechanism, so actually people exchange goods/services for goods/services without need of official money, where transactions are written down in centralized database like blockchain. Alva is not convertible to money officially, only between its users. Value of Alva is pegged to RSD (serbian dinar) only in beginning, so after it becomes market regulated by participants. Alva is like electronic bank, e bay and social network in one.

Brixton pound is also vitrual currency pegged to fiat money, So Nantes to euro

In its final stage of development it supposed to have 1 bilion TAL (vote shares). Vote shares are good because they eliminate 1person =1vote democratic system and instead use corporatocratic voting.

If we can say Nu is 3rd generation cryptocurrency, i suppose ALVA/TAL would be 5th gen, with many advantages ( i will gladly deeply elaborate this in future) - But now we are in first stage, we had test platform last year and i hope we will finish final version with beginning of next month. It will be on Serbian but we will translate it in English as soon as possible, as it also has global potential.

I think that would be best option for Nu to try more local approach to get acceptance and marketing other than classic internet marketing. Issuing Nubits have great similarities with central banking and could breakthrough if somehow focus on peoples existential needs (social, healthcare, enviroment), so i will try my best in these areas.