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Morning Everyone,

I’m woolly_sammoth, based in the UK. I’m really excited by the concept of NuBits / NuShares and want to get involved. From reading the Whitepaper there seems to be lots of fun stuff to be done to help strengthen the network. I hope my ideas can help.


Hi all,
Just registered on this forum. I’m on crypto for 4 years and know lot of things about crypto. I liked Nubits project plan and hope it will be a successful crypto ecosystem.

As far I know crypto is being rejected by lot of merchants only for volatility. Nubits is 100% as a crypto. Nubits don’t care volatility for PPC or other cryptocoins. So, how want to make profit from trading crypto currency they will not be effected with Nibits and the other side all merchants are safe from price dropping problem overnight because they are not accepting PPC from their clients but Nubits (Stable). So, I’m confident Nubits will be success to get more merchants than Bitcoin.

Nubits will get lot of clients who want to store their money in a hidden place (untraceable by govt.) and also will get profit for perking their coins.

Lot of thing I’m exploring to learn more about this ecosystem. I spend lot of time on internet and make money as a freelancer.

Feeling great by learning Nubits project day by day.

M A Rouf


Hello everyone,

I’ve been involved in crypto since late 2012, when I made a small bitcoin purchase to open up a trading account with. Needless to say, things went a little better than I expected and I now trade crypto currency, almost exclusively. I’m very excited to see what you guys are doing over here. Seems like a much needed addition to the cryptoverse. Congrats on what looks to be a very successful launch!




I have been an active member of the peercoin community for about a year now. I have been posting on a regular basis, yet I am more of lurker checking the forum on a daily basis. NuBits is a game changer. I’m excited to see what we can accomplish. I recognize many of my fellow peercoiners here. May the future be :sunny: :smile:



Hello. I am new to cryptos and hoping to learn more about them. This seems like a well designed innovation!


Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi all,
I’m crypto_coiner, investor, marketer, researcher based out of Tokyo, Japan.
(Oh by the way, hi to cryptog, who is the main evangelist for Peercoin in Japan)

I go by crypto_coiner on reddit and peercointalk.

I have been involved in the Peercoin/Primecoin community since Sep. 2013,
just after I got to know Bitcoin/Litecoin and their weaknesses.
I have been studying Cryptocurrencies thoroughly ever since.

I believe in the long term feasibility of the Peercoin network and its
ecosystem and I run the following social media accounts (selected list) to promote it.

As for the Nu system, after having a look at the white paper, discussions
on reddit and, I believe it is the building block
that supplements Bitcoin (digital commodity) and Peercoin (premier verification
network to transact shares) - namely, a distributed central bank that
can issue effectively a currency, according to how the economy grows.
And I sincerely would like to take part to this venture,
primarily as a marketer and entrepreneur within the Nu economy.

I have created the following social media accounts related to Nubits, NuShares and the Nu ecosystem.

Looking forward to contributing to Nu and being on board.


welcome everybody ! :wink:

Hi. Crypto gives me the opportunity to combine my knowledge of investing for profit with my passions for technology, freedom and futurism. I am open to new ideas that might alter our future, but I’m not a cheerleader and will question everything!


Welcome to our Community.

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@crypto_coiner hi there.


Hey there.


Welcome all :slight_smile: Nice profiles I see here!

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Hi everyone! I’ve been reading the forum since the NuBits website went live to understand more about the technology behind it.

So far even tho the technology is so young I am very happy to consider NuBits as a safe heaven from the instability of the other crypto. Now I can make transactions and store some crypto cash without the worry of big price swings.

For this reason I believe NuBits will find its place where we really need it, from the grocery store to the post office. I am daydreaming again! But I believe that sooner or later it could happen :wink:

Last but not least one of the best thing is that NuBits is somehow connected to Peercoin for dividend payments!

You can find me also on Peercointalk same name: GLock!

Glad to be also here :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. Nice to meet you.


Welcome to all the Nucomers! Get it?! Nucomers == new comers buwuahahah

ok i’m done :frowning:

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Hey everyone. California checking in and wishing NuBits the best of luck!


Arthur Falls here. Experienced cryptocurrency enthusiast and podcaster looking for a solution to the volatility problem. I’m a lurker not a poster - tragedy of the commons aye :wink:


Hi everyone.
I am from China, I have been a fan of Bitcoin for more than 4 years.
I really love Nubits’s innovation.
Hope more and more people around me will know the existence of great thing as Nubits.


Hi everyone I’m Chilly.

Huge fan of crypto-currency right from it’s infancy. I love the nerdiness that this project is and look forward to jumping into it. However after reading the white paper at least a dozen times you definitely make it difficult for investors to get in.

Maybe it’s just too early in the morning for me to have a light bulb moment with becoming a share holder but I’d like nothing more than to get my hands on 10k shares. Look forward to being an active part of this community and help this project grow.