Immediate mandatory upgrade: Nu client version 0.5.4

This release contains a fix to the way motion votes are counted, resolves an obscure parking issue as well as resolving other issues. The motion vote count issue is detailed [here][1].

The Linux and Windows binaries can be downloaded here:

The sha256sum:

Binaries for other platforms will be made available in the coming days.

My apologies for any inconvenience caused by this unscheduled release.

I would like to see this posted on the main download page of ASAP. I will edit the links above when that happens.
[1]: Error in motion counting method found


Updated and minting .

Is there a Mac upgrade link available? Thanks.

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Updated. Making the change to the Download page now.

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Cool, got it.

mistake, it says coming soon. guess I’ll just wait for the update.

Does “mandatory update” in this case mean that votes that are cast with older versions are invalid?
As far as I understood the changes that have been made in this client version, it seems that this is no hard fork and older clients (back to at least 0.5.1) can still be used.
Is my understanding correct?

Version 0.5.4 contains a protocol change that will cause certain blocks produced by the older versions of the client to be rejected. However, the old clients will under all circumstances accept a block from the new client. Therefore, version 0.5.4 will fork at an unknown time in the future. When it does, if the majority of minting power has upgraded, old clients will join the 0.5.4 fork without incident. If the majority of minting power has not upgraded, there will be a disorderly network fork. Therefore it is of paramount importance that a comfortable majority of minting power upgrade before the fork occurs. Please do your part by upgrading right now.

is it possible to broadcast an alert to all the clients?

Alerts, client upgrades and checkpoints are all on the development roadmap to be implemented via decentralized data feeds. I didn’t want those things being centrally pushed, so no, a client alert is not possible.

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The question that I have is the following: can old clients (that contain the counting bug) still get their duplicated votes counted as multiple votes? If yes, the votes counts for the open sourcing motion would still be incorrect if some shareholders keep on duplicate their votes with the old client.


The problem was principally in how votes were counted, not how they were cast (though improvements could be made to both and casting duplicate votes will be prohibited as a matter of protocol in the 0.6.0 version). So old clients may continue to cast duplicate votes, but 0.5.4 will not count the duplicates toward the vote totals.


I see. Tks for the clarification.

@Coingame the RaspberryPi fraction (that is not much bigger than me, I’m afraid :slight_smile: ) needs you and your ARMv6 binary version of nud to test version 0.5.4!


Oh no, I also joined the fraction and I am not the only one either

Hello, guys. How much time, i have, before old client will be absolutely not work? I not very big specialist in tech questions, just only trades, so, maybe need a help from support. Where can i ask for real-time help?
Thanks, in advance,