How would this forum be able to deal with thousands of shareholders?

Let us imagine a situation in which we have thousands of shareholders that want to participate into the creation of motions, which is obviously better than having only a handful, since the more nodes, the more decentralized Nu gets.
How could the current forum deal with that?
What would be the next step? Delegate motion creation? Only shareholders chosen by vote would actually be able to participate?

There’s a maximum number of votes per block right? So that means that there can only really be several motion votes going on at one time. We will never be in the situation where we have hundreds of motions to vote on. As for the process of crafting motions, I imagine it will go very similarly:
Someone takes up the torch of the motion, acting as scribe. A vocal minority comments on the motion and puts it through the standard rigmarole. The motion gets hashed and put in some public place and the shareholders decide.


Would that prevent Nu from managing millions/billions of NuBits in liquidity?
I do not think so.
The FED votes on interest rate once every 3 months. Just one vote every 3 months…

Yah, we don’t need to make hundreds of entry points for custodians. We have 5 right now, and it seems to work out. We could eventually progress to a structure where we give custodial grants to multisig addresses to then distribute amongst custodians. The decentralization isn’t really limited here.

I’ve mentioned a few times before that I anticipate the Nu network evolving over the next decades to mirror the representative democracy system of modern politics:

There’s lots of experimentation that could occur with that model. Imagine if we had 100,000 shareholders in the future, perhaps the network would move to congressional sessions that happen quarterly. Each quarterly voting session any think tank with at least 5% of shareholders supporting their data feed could introduce up to five motions to vote on at the Nu Congress. Once the congress session ended, it would be expected that no new motions are introduced or voted for so that the network remains focused. Fun stuff to imagine.