FLOT NSR Operations (buy side)

I set minimum bid and duration according to motion. FLOT may override, but I’ll start the auction soon. Speak out whoever you are.

My main remaining question is what happens if a bidder doesn’t provide payment?

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If no payment - no NSR.
Move down the list to the next bidder.

Ask anonymous users for some deposit to accept their bids. Otherwise, bad guys can submit fake bid orders

I did not hear problems with that before, don’t know why would it happen now. Anyway if they do then at payment time:

In my opinion it can only hurt legitimate buyers having to put a down payment on promises.


All I’m saying is once the auction closes, they have to send payment first. Before NSR are sent out in response.

Auction live.

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might be too much overhead. there was a bidder who didn’t pay in teh last auction.

I don’t understand why this address has added @dysconnect who has quit as a signer but removed me. @masterOfDisaster did you make a mistake?

ps. It seems that the new NSR address was made with the NBT FLOT members’ NBT addresses. Now I suspect if this new nsr address can be used. :frowning:

It was not good to remove you, but add dysconnect to the signers.
masterofdisaster seems to have done a lot of things. Obviously he didn’t always have a perfect overview.
I read the post, in which he announced the creation of the NSR address.
He sounded like being in a hurry, afraid JordanLee would create a single signature NSR address.

I come to a different conclusion.
Look at: https://backpacker69.github.io/cointoolkit/?mode=nushares&verify=53210234139729dd413c84a71a0bfd6f236790be861b37311cef3240277c940e4b0c072102547427fc2ea3a0ab9ef70f5e1640ff5112b113f65696948f992bd0770b9425712102a144af74d018501f03d76ead130433335f969772792ec39ce389c8a23415525921034b0bd0f653d4ac0a2e9e81eb1863bb8e5743f6cb1ea40d845b939c225a1a80ff2103661a4370dfcfbcea25d1800057220f4572b6eecab95bb0670e8676a9e34451dc55ae#verify
It’s the pubkeys from the NSR addresses.

As dysconnect announced his retirement and masterofdisaster seems to be gone, moving the NSR to an appropriate NSR address, once the grant has passed is recommended.

how did you compare? say @masterOfDisaster’s nbt pubkey is 02a1… the ssame as the one used in the new nsr address

and how to explain why the identity column has NBT in every line, and why dysconnect is in it?

I had a look at the associated address reported by Cointoolkit.
Maybe some people used the same pubkeys for different tokens? Isn’t that possible?

then the identy column should show NSR, too. Look at the first NSR address.

You mean like “Nu FLOT @dysconnect BTC, NBT”

yes. it shows dysconnect is a signer and the key is for nbt and btc

Looking at the code I tend to agree with you:

Would it be possible to sign a tx with the privley from the NBT address then?

you just need to compare with the first address

i don’t know. @ttutdxh and @sigmike might know.

Any NBT private key is also an NSR private key, just interpreted in a different way. Many member of this community became aware of that when importing a private key while the wrong unit was set in the client :slight_smile:

glad to know! i was the one who imported nbt balance to nsr address. still keeping that wierd wallet.

That has been a bug we’ve been trying to get better clarity on for quite a while. That insight is helpful, as there are steps to reproduce. Thank you.

Can this address be used?