FLOT NSR Operations (buy side)


I had a look at the associated address reported by Cointoolkit.
Maybe some people used the same pubkeys for different tokens? Isn’t that possible?


then the identy column should show NSR, too. Look at the first NSR address.


You mean like “Nu FLOT @dysconnect BTC, NBT”


yes. it shows dysconnect is a signer and the key is for nbt and btc


Looking at the code I tend to agree with you:

Would it be possible to sign a tx with the privley from the NBT address then?


you just need to compare with the first address

i don’t know. @ttutdxh and @sigmike might know.


Any NBT private key is also an NSR private key, just interpreted in a different way. Many member of this community became aware of that when importing a private key while the wrong unit was set in the client :slight_smile:


glad to know! i was the one who imported nbt balance to nsr address. still keeping that wierd wallet.


That has been a bug we’ve been trying to get better clarity on for quite a while. That insight is helpful, as there are steps to reproduce. Thank you.


Can this address be used?


Voting is on its way so better not change it now. Just migrate after you get the grant.


The 100m NSR grant passed.


Maybe the FLOT NSR2 members can try moving the fund (with their NBT priv keys) to see if the address works. There are exactly three members available.


I am not a NBT flot member.


NSR FLOT address #2 moving transaction

Signed 1 of 3-of-5



@joozie  @masterOfDisaster @dysconnect @ttutdxh 

If this works, we'll make a new multisig with whomever will remain in the NSR FLOT


Signed 2 of 3-of-5



Bump on this thread. @masterOfDisaster @dysconnect @ttutdxh we need one more

We need to first test if we can in fact move the NSR. Then we will re-constitute a new NSR multisig with whomever from FLOT remains committed.

Things are very much in flux, but in my opinion FLOT should be at the ready, especially if these funds will be needed for auctions, etc.


If all else fails, I might be able to conjure @masterOfDisaster for the third signature. No guarantees, though.


Should I conduct another blind auction?

I expect we need to get that transaction signed first unless I’m to post a grant, which takes a while.


We need to sell nsrs more.
Which way gets us more nbt?
Polo or blind auction?