FLOT NSR Operations (buy side)


I like your wording!


Honestly, I think the thing that disappoints me the most is the lack of introspection. I’m not a great person, in fact I am very bad, especially when it comes to making Investments, but the one thing that I pride myself in is when I’m wrong I can admit that. it seems to me that one of the biggest deficits is not self assurance but self responsibility. Of all the things I wish the most I wish that Jordan would just say I f***** up too


And even this wouldn’t satisfy my deep desire for full transparency because it still leaves room for the suspicion that he made a lot of cash from the buybacks.


Don’t f****** pissed me off




That is really upsetting to think about.




maybe he read this article about doing less https://medium.com/utopia-for-realists/the-solution-to-just-about-everything-working-less-1120e941710a which was posted a while back on peercointalk




If the shareholders are to buld a DAO, shareholders shouldn’t rely on (and blame) one individual.


Agree, but you need all pieces of the puzzle. Without Jordan and a few key investors I don’t believe we can make this work. We are also dependant on the actions of the B&C DAO.
BTW Even DAOs need leads. Not one lead for the whole DAO, but leads for areas like liquidity provisions, shareholder negotiations, marketing, development etc.


According to https://discuss.nubits.com/users/jordanlee/activity he was online 45 minutes ago, but chose not to post. After he reads this, he may prefer to browse while logged out. :slight_smile:


I have been watching that as well.


A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.
-----Albert Einstein


3,175,000 NSR to @jooize for blind auction

Address: SWqGtyZvQoDVP8wV2HPMFcA5vK5pVBA3yh
Amount: 3,175,000 NSR
Fee: 3 NSR

Signed 0 of 3-of-5


@Dhume @ttutdxh @cryptog @mhps @masterOfDisaster


Did we get to sell any NSRs during this crisis?
If yes, where are the BTC proceeds?

Since @masterOfDisaster is inactive, we should not sign this tx

I am personally fine with the idea of a blind action so I d like to sign this tx.
However do we have the agreement from the shareholders as a whole?
Are you going to ask for the permission to run the blind auction as some point?


A couple. I don’t know.

I believe FLOT has the authority to appoint an auctioneer. FLOT NSR may disagree, in which case I’ll request the amount through a grant. I ask FLOT NSR to respond in a timely fashion if they decline so I can post the grant as soon as possible. If you think I should just post it already, I will.


I think so too after thinking about it because it is very close to selling NSRs on the market, which is allowed to FLOT by motion and it is probably much better than going to markets because of the very low volume there. We are very likely to get a better price in blind auctions.


Verified and signed, 1 of 3-5.



verified and signed 2 of 3/5. verify