Exchanges and Liquidity

NuBits exchanges, active trading pairs, and their target liquidity.

:star: :white_check_mark: SouthXchange :nsr: :usnbt: :btc: :eth: :bch: Recommended exchange.
:white_check_mark: Indacoin :blank: :usnbt: :credit_card: Buy NuBits with MasterCard or VISA. :link:
:white_check_mark: CoinSwitch :blank: :usnbt: :btc: Instant exchange. :link:

Exchange Assets Pair Liquidity Link
SouthXchange :usnbt: :btc: USNBT–BTC :link:
:usnbt: :eth: USNBT–ETH :link:
:usnbt: :bch: USNBT–BCH :link:
:usnbt: :dollar: USNBT–USD :link:
SouthXchange :cnnbt: :btc: CNNBT–BTC :link:
:cnnbt: :eth: CNNBT–ETH :link:
:cnnbt: :bch: CNNBT–BCH :link:
SouthXchange :nsr: :btc: NSR–BTC :link:
:nsr: :usnbt: NSR–USNBT :link:

Availability subject to velocity of demand and liquidity operators’ presence.

:arrow_right: Liquidity Status

Listing at Your Exchange

Always read our most up-to-date instructions, and please contact us in any event you need support.

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