NuShares at SouthXchange on BTC+USNBT with $40,000 liquidity initially


southxchange-60 SouthXchange

We’re proud to announce NuShares (:nsr:) at SouthXchange! Available for trading immediately.


Liquidity Operations places walls to initiate trading worth $10,000 per side on both pairs for a total of $40,000. They will follow the market at Alcurex, shifted daily, planned to continue until traders bring a strong independent presence.

We happily recommend SouthXchange as they have been beautifully cooperative and responsive in all our correspondence. Their trading panels are friendly and easy to understand. Welcome!

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good job. can it be added to coinmarketcap?


CoinMarketCap asks for $6,000 of daily volume to add new pairs, so the best way is to trade or promote trading there.


That is a new policy. Good to know.


do u need user id verification in order to deposit and withdraw coins?
also, is there any limit in the quantity for either depositing or withdrawals?


SouthXchange requires no verification and does not appear to have withdrawal or deposit limits.


It is weird. I do not see any options for making deposits…

PS: In my case, it is not limited to NSR…but all crypto assets.


Let me get back to you on that today.


I ve found it:
It is kind of tricky.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
No need to check anything.


I ve checked with the support.
NSR/USNBT wallets were offline.
Now they are online.
So deposit/withdrawals should be operational.


Thank you, @cryptog!