Ongoing NuShare Wallet trouble

Hello - My Nu Wallet hasn’t updated in over three months. Here’s a screenshot atop a screenshot. The top image is what I see when I hover my mouse above the spinny updating icon (not sure you’ll be able to see:

I’ve noticed that it always had intermittent network ties that vary from 0-4 connections maximum.

I have over 1 million NuBits so I don’t want to mess this up:

1 - Can you please tell me what to do in order to correct this problem?

2 - I noticed that 90%+ of my NuShares are in the “Stake” category and therefore unable to send to ALcurex for trading. How do I correct this ?

3 - Will I see/receive the past 90+ days staking rewards (40Day x 90Days = 3,600) once the wallet is up and running?

Thank you for your assistance.



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1m nbt ? or nsr?

did u upgrade to the latest version?

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It was one of the more recent versions that fixed the connectivity issues, but I believe those were isolated to the Linux release.

  1. I think this is an older version of the wallet and should be upgraded.
  2. If that many of your NSR are in the stake category, you might have been minting on a minority fork that eventually died off, so you may need to resync the blockchain.
  3. Assuming you were minting on a fork, no.

NSR. I downloaded the latest version of wallet but I’m afraid to do anything more.

lissajous: I have no idea. All I know is I bought a bunch early summer and placed them in my wallet then started receiving what seemed like a daily 40NSR reward.

You can backup your wallet from the client before the update to be safe. Make sure you are looking at NSR instead of NBT when you save the backup file, otherwise it will back up the wrong one.

I’m pretty confident you just need to update the client. There have been a number of updates recently.


Thank you so much for your help. I’ll gladly send you some NSR in gratitude for getting me up and running.

My apologies, but if I understand you correctly:
“You can backup your wallet from the client before the update to be safe.” << Does that mean I should have the .dat file saved prior to attempting an update? If so, I have done that.

“… just need to update the client.” How? I’m such a noob – I don’t even know what “the client” is. After downloading, I now see two different wallets in my (default) Applications folder:


I opened Nu then attempted to open NuBits and it gave me this message:

Do I close Nu and try to open NuBits separately?

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an instance is already running. u need to kill it in the system monitor window of Windows.

Alright, I closed Nu Wallet then opened the newly-downloaded one named NuBits. It SEEMS to be updating well enough:

And strangely, only 10,000+ NSR are currently Staked, all the rest are in my Balance", which means they’re available (once fully updated)!

It can’t be THAT easy, can it?


it should be ok.

All that and NOW I notice Alcurex isn’t taking NSR deposits. I’ll have to read-up on that one. ;0)

I’m glad your issue was resolved, and extra happy to see the support in this thread!

@Philharmonicus: SouthXchange takes NSR deposits. View exchanges.


Instead, maybe you can tell us what motivated you to buy NuShares over the summer? What piqued your interest in Nu?


I bought NSR this summer because a ridiculous price for such a project, and because of the activity of the team, which despite the big problems and negative on the part of some members of the community, was unshakable, and did its work. There are many projects with a much greater capitalization, but with an absolutely bad idea. I hope that soon these projects will be blown away, and there will be a place for upcoming projects, such as NU and SWARM CITY.


I’m humbled by your generous contributions so I owe it you all to be completely honest: I was primarily motivated by potential for profit. I was looking for a coin that fit the following criteria: very inexpensive but had decent trade volume, a cool, eye-catching logo++, appeared to have a purpose for existing and active community involvement, a professional-looking website that didn’t feel “scammy”, a general uptrend in it’s long-term price AND that gut feeling making me say “Yes”. (Checking all those boxes was a very tall order, let me tell you!)

Considering where cryptos are headed (substantially eroding inflationary, fiat currencies worldwide, IMO) and after having taken several other core positions, I figured I’d throw some $$$ at a ‘wild card’ and see where it lead. Well, it appears the entire Nu family is going places faster than I ever anticipated, so if it’s alright with you I’d like to stay awhile.


Completely Nuacceptable!

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