[Draft] Reliability and Performance Improvements to NuDroid


As the developer of NuDroid, I am proposing to make some changes to NuDroid that will improve the reliability of the app. I would be happy to hear feedback and suggestions before submitting a final proposal for voting. I may be able to change things in the proposal if suggested.

The draft contents of the proposal are as follows:

This proposal aims to address some issues with the NuDroid application. Many users have reported problems with connecting to peers and therefore synchronising the blockchain and broadcasting/receiving transactions (https://discuss.nubits.com/t/nudroid-v4-now-available-on-google-play/2436/21). This update would provide a solution to this, but also include other improvements to the reliability and performance.

If this proposal is passed, Matthew Mitchell (MatthewLM) shall develop and deploy the listed changes to NuDroid for 2,200 NBT within 4 weeks. 4 weeks is an upper limit, and efforts will be made to release the app sooner than this. The changes will be released as version 4.2 on Google Play. If the update is not released within 4 weeks with all the changes, the entire NBT amount shall be burned.

The two major updates are:

  • Use willy’s DNS seeder pending the results of the motion: [Passed] Running Nubits-Seeder on the anton.coinerella.com server This would replace the hardcoded seed nodes with realtime reliable nodes. Assuming that the DNS seed continues to function as intended, the peer discovery will be more reliable. This would remove issues that people have been having with synchronisation and transaction broadcasting.
  • Add willy’s trusted server (https://anton.coinerella.com/q/getvalidhashes) as a default trusted server for block validation, which was deployed by this grant: [Passed] Grant for maintaining a NuDroid server This server will be included by default for new installations providing the two servers labelled “Default - Explorer” (original) and “Default - Anton”. For users that update, the app will provide a message when they next start the app asking the user if they would like to add the new server. By having two default servers the application can continue to function if one of them is offline.

Also to be included in this update:

  • A fix for styling problems on some devices mentioned here: NuDroid v4 - Now available on Google Play
  • Show error when a Shapeshift transaction fails after pressing Send.
  • Do not stall the Shapeshift update timer when leaving the application.
  • Improved shut-down of the Blockchain service, making certain parts of the app more responsive and fixes an Application Not Responding problem that mostly occurred whilst restoring wallet backups.
  • Do not close the app after restoring a wallet whilst inside the app.
  • A few rare crash bugs, and a few code improvements.




Anybody have any comments on this? It’s important to fix any issues there might be with NuDroid. I have seen some people post errors they were having, so it would be great to iron these out so we have a flawless experience for people.

Supporting that. The current solution with hardcoded seeds is not working well. We are also advertising NuDroid at the moment, so I hope this can be progressed rather sooner than later.

How does this rate compared to the payment and the work already made/done?

You can see the previous grant here: [Passed] Final proposal for continuing developments on Android wallet (v3.0 released) The amounts are not exactly calculated over time as there are various factors involved which effect both the timing and the prices such as workload, uncertainty, difficulty etc.

The problem with the seed nodes has become ever more severe. I’ll put up the final grant today, and what I can do is start the development immediately with the expectation that the grant should pass without problem. Then I can get an update out as soon as I am done and the grant is passed.

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We paid over 20k to get this ship on the sea, what’s another 2k to keep it from sinking?

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I’ve posted the final proposal for voting: [Passed] Reliability and Performance Improvements to NuDroid (Released)

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So the seed nodes implementation was not part of the original grant’s tasks. It was implemented for free but later caused some crucial issues for the whole app. Since it needs to be fixed asap, an additional grant is needed. Am I correct?

Many of the original seed nodes changed and they were hardcoded in the application (see source). One could manually update the seeds and recompile or find a more sustainable solution as MatthewLM proposes. Although I’m tempted to take a shortcut we should strengthen the App and make it more decentralised instead of relying on hardcoded fixed seed nodes.

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Until when is it advertised on coinmarketcap?

Until the end of the month.

BTW with the new 4.2 release on Google Play the syncing problems are reportedly gone.

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Great! Do u think the new grant is still crucial?

The new grant shows support for the developer. He made an effort to release this earlier on request and took the risk that he might not get paid. I wouldn’t call it crucial but courtesy. Besides there are a few other worthwhile goodies in there.