NuDroid v4 - Now available on Google Play

I have no gods besides wallets aside from Nu.
Thank you for the URL. @willy already told me. Silly me.

Issue with NuDroid and most likely Nu2.0

There are sync issues with the new Nu2.0 clients with NuDroid. It can still sync with v1.2 clients. I’m contacting Matthew to work on a solution to this. We might need to install the new client on the server immediately, but I don’t want to act without his advise as we have at least a workaround (pointing to trusted v1.2 client) to keep the wallet running.

BTW the latest version of NuDroid is now on Google play.

I had trouble updating the blockchain with NuDroid 4, updated it to the most recent version available on Google PlayStore and everything is fine now.
Both the default server ( and @willy’s server ( show a green connection indicator and the blockchain is synced (484,593 blocks).

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There appears to be an issue with the svr1 server. Working on it. Please check out willy’s server in the mean time if you need it. When correctly setup it should now be using the ‘other’ server.

Edit: probably a glitch, it seems to work now again. Had to do a hard reset.

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For some reason my NuDroid doesn’t sync, and doesn’t seem to connect to either Willy’s server or svr1. I can reach both URLs with my internet connection. I’m at the newest version on Google Play. It connected fine about 20 hours ago.

It seems that the server indicator colors remain grey. That’s a bit weird.

I am experiencing the same issue on my tablet, which I discovered just now.
Deleting app data doesn’t seem to help

Any ideas @MatthewLM?

I can’t see any problem with my tablet. Syncing goes without a problem on svr1.

For those using the Shapeshift functionality it is good to know that the Bitcoin network might be under pressure this Thursday as some are going to attempt to load up the Bitcoin network again (source: coindesk). Just keep an eye on the Bitcoin forums if you encounter problems with Shapeshifting to BTC.

Is there any thing on the agenda for bitcoin?

To me the problem persists. Just in case, I’m not using shapeshift. The app seems to be sending out requests but the server indicators are always grey (instead of red/green).

I’m having the same problem. Have entered London, Anton, Berta, and Default as trusted servers, but they all have the gray indicator (not green). Stuck on “13 months behind” with no peers and no blocks. @MatthewLM any ideas?

I can confirm that, the default server is working. Please make sure that is the preferred server when you have problems. It shows green to me and can confirm it is up and running as it has been in the last 6+ months.

It would also help to add trusted peers e.g. the IP of your own PC minting or one which your PC is regularly connected to. Check in debug window and type getpeerinfo to obtain that information. This would help with faster syncing.

The new Anton server shows grey on my client. It is for @willy to confirm whether it is working or not.

green here.

Maybe there is an interpretation issue with colour coding and only the connected server shows green. Not in a position to make a quick screenshot, but secondary server shows grey as does your secondary server (Berta).


The new functionality includes:

  • highlight the servers in the list a
    light shade of red or green depending on whether or not the server
    responded successfully the last time it was queried,
  • Highlight the last successful server in bold.

So it probably makes sense that the others are not green.

Another tip for those who struggle to get a green server, there is a restore to default option clicking on the 'pref icon on the top right on the Trusted servers screen. Typos are easily made after all.

I just installed NuDroid for the first time and am having the same issue of being unable to connect to any server. However, CatLog says I’ve connected to 2 peers and downloaded a block, it just isn’t reflected in the app.

Edit: 09-05 17:36:06.079 W/PackageManager(1003): Failure retrieving resources for com.matthewmitchell.nubits_android_wallet: Resource ID #0x0

This is the only error now.

Ok, I do have a working NuDroid client here.
Did you get the version from Google play (v4.1). And what is your current default primary server? (please look under Trusted servers in Settings)

I got it from Google Play, I have the default server set currently (via the “Restore Defaults” button) and I’ve also tried Anton and London

Ok, and you don’t see a green bar on the right of ‘’ when it is the first priority server (nr.1)? Please look in the Trusted Servers section to find the green bar. If not, please check if you can get to in the browser.