[DRAFT] Motion to set up principles of helping each other for Nu, B&C

Although quite some BKS are held by Nu shareholders, there is possible more than 50% BKS kept by sole BKS holders. this motion’s purpose is to confirm that Nu and B&C cooperate with each other rather than compete.

Principle One: B&C will provide as low transaction fee as possible for NBT pairs to help Nu company minimize their expenditure on liquidity providing. If zero fee is feasible, B&C will provide that, but if zero fee not practical because of anti-spams reasons, B&C will support the minimized number that can merely resist spams attack.

Principle Two: B&C promises to sell BKC in an anti-inflation way, i.e. The official guide price from B&C will adjust as per real world USD inflation/deflation rate which is voted by B&C shareholders yearly or half yearly after referencing the statistic from US government. In order to avoid potential competition with NBT, BKC will reference the buy power of one USD in 1992 when Friedrich August Hayek(1899-1992)passed away, which roughly equals to 1.7$ nowadays.

The price is the best advertisement in crypto world, and this pricing will attract curiousness and Austria School fans.

I suggest to pass formal motion after B&C protocol upgrading to V5.0.

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Some of BKS holders will trade on BKC/BTC pairs, this is “spontaneous order”.

In economics and the social sciences, spontaneous order is defined as "the result of human actions, not of human design.

Therefore, the liquidity of BKC is the result of human actions, not of human design.