About the ways Nu and B&C Exchange can help each other

This thread is intended to collect all the different ways that shareholders of Nu and shareholders of B&C Exchange can think of.
That is related to this motion proposal to set up principles of helping each other for Nu/BCE .
Please feel free to put anything you can think of.

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1- Since B&C Exchange cannot issue NuBits, I was wondering how B&C Exchange will be able to pass grants to pay any contributors as Nu has been doing.
One natural way to solve the problem would be for B&C Exchange shareholders to create a NBT multi-sig fund address controlled by a set of reputed shareholders or signers.
Whenever there is a grant proposal that is passed, the multi-sig team would release some of the funds.
The drawback of that would be that it would add a layer of necessary trust: shareholders would have to trust the team to unlock the funds.

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2- Right now the Nubits liquidity gateways are controlled by one single entity, which implies a lot of trust to be put in. Once B&C Exchange is released, those gateways could be multi-sig gateways controlled by a set of reputed Nu shareholders or B&C Exchanges shareholders or reputed signers.

@masterOfDisaster tried to establish a multisig group for B&C similar to FLOT here…

When BlockCredits are sold, a certain portion of the proceeds should be immediately distributed as dividends, while the rest is converted to NuBits and transferred to this BTF multisig group to be held on behalf of BlockShareholders for things like marketing and development. Motions can be used instead of grants to instruct BTF what to do with the funds. It’s important for shareholders to have access to a certain portion of the proceeds from BlockCredits sold so that any business related expenses can be paid. It will be like a savings account for B&C, only without the interest. This will also help Nu as B&C will need to purchase a lot of NuBits for the BTF multisig group to hold.