Cybnate's B&C datafeed - BETA

Charter Cybnate’s B&C datafeed - BETA

Here is the information to subscribe to my experimental datafeed. Please take note of the disclaimer at the bottom before subscribing. The URL needs to be added to the standard B&C client.

Signature URL:
Signature address: 8U4ptdMup2MQ1uwVNNYqYv4btzmFyAuDju

Prefer to copy and paste just once? Try this. Open the debug window of your client and paste all the text in the quote below into it and press enter to subscribe instantly to this datafeed:

setdatafeed “” “” 8U4ptdMup2MQ1uwVNNYqYv4btzmFyAuDju

For Raspberry Pi datafeed subscription you can use this:

bcexchanged setdatafeed “” “” 8U4ptdMup2MQ1uwVNNYqYv4btzmFyAuDju

Documentation on how to add a datafeed to your client can be found here: It is similar to setting up the Nu client. If you don’t like parts of the vote you can untick them and add your own vote manually. Subscribing to this data-feed will overwrite any votes you had set in case you have ticked all the boxes in ‘Part of the vote to update’.

This charter describes the process on which fees, assets, reputations, grants, motions or park rates will be included. As it is impossible to foresee each scenario I can only give some guidance on how I would vote. I may add further guidance on my voting strategy or intentions in this thread.

I will endeavor to assess draft motions and draft custodial grants once posted. When they are published for voting, and I’m in favor I will aim to add them within 48 hours after the publication to the datafeed. In this thread I provide details about why items are being removed and added. The dates are of the day when the grant or motion was added to the feed which might differ from the day the grant or motion was published on the forum.

When you have added the Signature URL you will be notified by the client of any changes to the datafeed.
The actual datafeed can be looked at here:
Any changes can be viewed here: I will try to provide clear descriptions. The last change is always on top. When the description of the changes is not clear you could click on the description and see the actual changes I made shaded in red.
This is clearly not the most intuitive interface, but it will have to do for now, till we find something better.

This data-feed is provided free of charge. To the full extent permissible by law, I disclaim all responsibility for any damages or losses (including, without limitation, financial loss, damages for loss in projects, loss of profits or other consequential losses) arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use of this data-feed or inability to use this data-feed, or from any action or decision taken as a result of using this data-feed.

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8-Apr-16 Updating the B&C datafeed:

Adding assets:
BKC (6), BKS (6), NBT (6), BTC (2) and PPC (6)

  • All 3 out of 6 multisig,
  • Maximums around equivalent of around US$1,000
  • Minimum around equivalent of between US$0.5 and US$5
  • Number of confirmations between brackets

@Cybnate, please remove all asset voting from your data feed - just in case it has been registered by BKS holders minting with 4.0.1.

Compact version
Extended version (start reading from there)

Monitored this for a while and I’ve kept my asset voting and the data-feed as it worked for me, so it had to be something else, which it appeared to be.
My datafeed is only voting for assets as nothing else so there is no harm in subscribing to it. I’m still minting and subscribed to my own datafeed without any known adverse effects or errors in my logs.


I just subscribed to your feed. I’ll let you know in the morning if I still minted.


I am currently subscribed to Cybnate’s feed with all possible updates enabled and it’s still minting fine.


20-Apr-2016 Updating the datafeed:

Adding motion:
Cybnate’s Motion to Apply as Default Datafeed Provider for B&C (cybnate)

2-July-2016 Updating the datafeed:

Adding motion:
Motion to elect Sigmike as B&C’s technical leader (Sabreiib)


No votes

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23-July-2016 Updating the datafeed

Motion deleted:
c1e9a92ca18591e78c7489b658bf414da7bd1a2e (passed)


Re reputation:
Please note that the datafeed now includes votes for all 4 reputed signers who provided an address with an equal weighing (100). I’m not sure whether there is a role for the datafeed in this and recommend to untick the reputation feed in your client until there is a better understanding of the role of the signer and the voting and what would trigger downvotes.

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13-August-2016 Updating the datafeed:

Motion deleted:
c02ce082d1a88bc1a9867b3eccee534169954c6e (obsolete)

Motions added:
Backpacker joining RSOT

Sabreiib joining RSOT


Increased from 0.001 to 0.01 BKS

# Reputed signers eligible for a block reward:
Increased from 6 to 8
Basically covering signers with a registered alias on the discussion board and advertised address.

Reputed signers:
8XQaJSXNFk5kijspiphx17EdET6QuDPi2a (Sabreiib)
8KXAthBdtPWokQRXB93FzPTKvBH5WXdTxV (Jooize)
8ZzENdnyZLDvsZPJmZhQYtdzaBwSKDLXGX (Cybnate)
8c3VfkYUUaFWp75SiMhFasmWwmYVoWqTaT (Cryptog)
8WP6o6HrXQwc8hfhZPKzGGdd238UqCsRqz (Mhps)
8eA3FVjGUE2KFDJy6qSQxZb3MZdoqLf3ZL (Backpacker)
8VTtwxu2T1yYUiXoq8BtGAjXxwPySRfFaX (Mark)

All with a default value of 100 so you can chose yourself. Just make sure you untick reputations under ‘Datafeed’ after you have increased the value of your favourites or deleted the ones you don’t like. I’ve left Phoenix out by default as I don’t believe his reputation would do any good for the B&C network regardless his high stake.

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22-August-2016 Updating the datafeed:

Motions added:
Dhume joining RSOT
f73d264a2053b6eb3bcd2166a2052083f4083972 (Dhume)

Motion to establish RSOT
1b2364f0a9ac919a2372feb84c9ad616400b42e0 (Sabreiib)

Assets, blockreward, # signers and reputed signers

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