Cryptopia delisting NuBits (USNBT) and NuShares (NSR)


I wonder if all these troubles at exchanges that list NSR is because their addresses actually were blacklisted and they don’t realize it.

Was that the entire response from them?


They can probably easily scan through their addresses. I’ve published their responses essentially in full. The latest quote is from the link @Mr.Crowly posted.


Good afternoon, dear support! Please answer two questions below. 1) You wrote to me earlier, in response to a request that the investigation is continuing. What did you mean by the word “investigation”? 2) You wrote that you expect a purse update. I understand that the update takes so long due to synchronization, right? Tell me, what is the current block number synchronized? Best regar. “Hi , Thanks for contacting Cryptopia. Currently our admins are awaiting an update for this wallet, as such it has been put into maintenance. Once this status has been lifted transactions will continue to process as normal. Unfortunately we do not have an ETA at this point in time as the investigation is still underway. Your patience in the meantime is very much appreciated. I’d recommend keeping an eye on our Coin Info page at to be kept up to date with the status of this wallet. As soon as it has been updated and resynced to the network, you will be able to withdrawal. Kind regards, Cryptopia Support”


Two support messages I received Sept 22. They’re quite refreshing! Though there’s no guarantee we’ll see any change in decision.

Sender: Withboredom 9/22/2017 10:37:47 AM

Hi nu_jooize,

So this ticket has been delegated to me.

We are reviewing our delist process at the moment and trying to establish a more formal delist process to avoid emotional or knee-jerk reactions.

I will review the history of your coin and determine whether delisting is the correct way to proceed. I’ll complete this as soon as I can and get back to you, hopefully on Monday evening NZ time (UTC +12).

Cryptopia Support

Sender: Withboredom 9/22/2017 10:39:28 AM

Hi nu_jooize,

I’ll elaborate a little and say that I am our Evening Support Lead and have been interfacing closely with our wallet team recently.

If you feel that you need to get in touch with me specifically you can reach me here - [email redacted]


Cryptopia has made a beautiful improvement to their front page (and overall interface) by the way.


Thank you for the professional conduct in correspondence with them, and the results.


Thank you too:)


Hi oze,

Thanks for contacting Cryptopia.

Basically, we’re just getting this wallet updated to 5.2 so we can bring it online again. This is taking a bit longer than usual for which we offer our apologies - we’re just investigating this now. What we mean by investigation, is that we’re seeing why this update isn’t applying properly. This should be sorted hopefully pretty soon, and thanks a lot for your patience in that regard.

I’d recommend keeping an eye on our Coin Info page at to see when this comes out of maintenance again, so you can withdraw your coin.

Kind regards,

Cryptopia Support


Sent this email to the address I was given.

Wallet issues and the delisting of NuBits and NuShares

Hi Jerry,

Thank you for making an effort to understand our delisting case regarding USNBT and NSR. I’ll be glad to answer for everything. We’re mainly disappointed that the delisting has felt out of the team’s control. That our offer to compensate the overhead costs has been ignored while we haven’t been communicated what’s going on. It didn’t seem coherent with our successful developments, though we’re aware of people who may have disturbed Cryptopia.

Is the wallet team seeing issues with NSR on v5.2? It was mentioned on Bitcointalk that we had broken the wallet, which was the first time I’m hearing about that. Any information in form of error log messages etc. would be useful for us to correct the problem.

Let’s keep cooperating. We’ll want to pay for on-exchange promotion and several more listings to bring us both trading volume, and please tell us how much would make our maintenance costs worth it, because it will be.

Want to take the opportunity to compliment the new design of Cryptopia. Greatly improved front page, and refined layout!

Esko (jooize)
Manager, Liquidity Operations, NuBits


Great letter! Many thanks, jooize, that do not leave us in trouble. I hope cryptopia will return us contributions.



Another email.

Nu v5.3.0 released with debug verbosity

We’ve released v5.3.0 which brings more verbose debug messages. Since we don’t know what the trouble is for Cryptopia, this might not target your issue.

Add debug=1 in nu.conf and upgrade to v5.3.0.

nu.conf should contain the following:


Please see if you can get a problem description from the wallet team.

Esko (jooize)
Manager, Liquidity Operations, NuBits


jooize, thank you! Great work, cool Nu team! I think your project will success


This is getting irritating. When exactly is cryptopia going to be done with all this investigation stuff and give us our funds. Its not fair.


I agree. There are still irritated people at the bitcoinstall. I will, we need to write a collective letter in cryptopia.


Cryptopia is very much like kids in grade school.


Cryptopia has upgraded to v5.2.0.

Withdrawal of 1,000,000 NSR succeeds

Withdrawal of 3,000,000 NSR succeeds


Please attempt withdrawals and report any issues here so we can try resolve them before unnecessarily bothering Cryptopia.


Very good news! Keep it up, Jooize! I’ll keep NSR until better times :slight_smile:


Nice. Just petty they won’t add it back on to trading.


Hi jooize,
I have withdrawn NSR from Cryptopia to NU wallet… from Cryptopia side the withdrwal is successfull… but i dont see my NSR in nu wallet…

Any help please.