Cryptopia delisting NuBits (USNBT) and NuShares (NSR)


Is NuBits Wallet showing the checkmark or a rotating arrow in the bottom right corner?

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Thanks jooize… it shows rotating arrow…


That most likely means your wallet doesn’t know about the transaction made to you yet. Are the bars to the left of the rotating arrow green, and what does it say when you hover the mouse on it?

If you recently started the wallet for the first time, this is expected. A goal for the team will certainly be to improve these experiences. Once the entire blockchain is downloaded, your true balance should show.

Make sure you are in the NSR section as well by going under Unit in the menu and choosing NuShares.


@jooize can we see if we can get it back on Cryptopia? It seems there is a new crew in charge at Cryptopia.


Messaged them recently and got a response telling us to apply for a new listing. They charge 5,000,000 DOT for application, which purchased immediately would cost 14.53 BTC.


We’ve been listed before, and Cryptopia was our primary exchange once. Can we return to that?

NuBits are stable digital currencies. Our unique liquidity model utilizing a multi-tier system including NuShares has proven successful since 2014. We’re listed at Bittrex where USNBT reached 1st place with $86M/24h, and SouthXchange where we feature exemplary integration.

We have a devoted core team working full-time to perfect NuBits with fully automated liquidity, and are committed to providing stable pegs on all our currencies. I am Esko, Manager of Liquidity Operations, from Sweden operating under public identity. Feel free to schedule a call if you wish to have a chat.

Our line includes:

  • United States NuBits (USNBT)
  • Chinese NuBits (CNNBT)
  • European NuBits (EUNBT)
  • NuShares (NSR)

USNBT tracks the value of US dollar, CNNBT the Chinese yuan, and EUNBT the euro. Shortly after our logos are finished, we’ll release South Korean (won) and Japanese (yen) NuBits.

Being listed at Cryptopia would be a big win for us, and we feel that our product is worthy a large exchange. NuBits has stayed resilient and true through the inevitable hardships all cryptoassets face.

Thank you,

Manager of Liquidity Operations, NuBits

Hi nu_jooize,

Thank you for contacting Cryptopia Support Team,

All coin listings on Cryptopia must be applied for via this page:

Just choose the option that suits your needs the best, and fill in all the required details. Administrators will review the coin/code and begin the listing process as soon as possible. If for any reason the listing is rejected due to incompatibility, or failing the code review, the full listing price will be immediately refunded to your account.

If you have further queries, please raise a support ticket with the specifics that can be looked at and answered directly by a member of our Wallet team:

I hope this clears things up for you and best of luck with getting your coin listed.

Regards, Cryptopia Support Team