Cryptopia delisting NuBits (USNBT) and NuShares (NSR)

im so happy to hear that, i have around 500 coins:(

I have around 1300000 coins-i am a millionaire XD

tell me u have them in cryptopia:))

It’s possible the notice was written before news about v5.2 reached them. v5.1 is considered up-to-date, where v5.2 brings improvements that are not mandatory.

I don’t know. They haven’t communicated with us since our latest message.

NSR will have a 30 day notice period from the time the update to 5.1.0 has been applied and the wallets are out of maintenance.

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Good news!

Cryptopia has upgraded to v5.2.0 for US NuBits.

US NuBits (USNBT) withdrawals are enabled and confirmed working.

NuShares (NSR) remain disabled. They upgrade them separately.


it doesn’t help that the newest wallet is still crashing ike crazy. and no one can move any NSR around.

You will have to be more specific, is that crazy every day, every week? What is it what you are doing? Best to provide a log Probably best to post that in the other thread where the 5.2 client is released. The dev will more like read that.
I don’t have any issues with 5.1 or 5.2 for nodes or the blockexplorer. Running 3 instances on different servers.

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follow this link here: NuBits v5.2.0 Release

I expect they’ll allow the same 30 days for NSR withdrawals, but I understand your concern. Sent them the following message.

Specific problem with NSR wallet? (as USNBT wallet is online)

Hi Cryptopia,

We’re happy to see NuBits (USNBT) up and running. I see that the NSR wallet appears to be upgraded to v5.1 instead of v5.2 as USNBT. Have you run into issues with the wallet for NuShares (NSR)?

Hoping we can be of assistance. Thank you!

Esko (jooize)
Manager, Liquidity Operations, NuBits


hopefully they’re not trying to use the 32bit nu wallet because the 32bit version has issues, but the 64 bit is running fine.

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Good idea. I’ll follow up mentioning that.

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Hi nu_jooize,

I’ll pass this to the wallet admin, to see what is happening with the wallet,

Cryptopia Support

But Sir Cryprtoia Says “August 31st 2017 - Pending Wallet Update To Version 5.1.0 once
complete investors will have a 30 day period to cancel pending trades and withdraw
their USNBT and NSR balances. Significant backlash (for something we had no control over)
and related support overhead from the participating communities has resulted in a decision to

Message on USNBT market says:

USNBT / BTC market is closing

Due to the recent network fork of USNBT and outright rude community we have decided to delist. please close all open orders and withdraw before 27/09/2017

Eight days ago when I noticed they had upgraded was September 12, leaving only half the announced time if they do close down USNBT entirely that date. I have to agree that’s worrying.

First reply to the second message in official response ticket.

Sender: Withboredom 9/21/2017 8:37:21 AM

Hi Esko,

Just found this ticket again in the dark depths of the back of our queue. I’m following up with our wallet team again and will get back to you when I can.

Cryptopia Support

I still get the sense Cryptopia will work with us to process withdrawals even if they don’t care for Nu anymore.

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NSR is getting delisted, the reason for us doing so is that they broke their wallet. before we delist them, we will fix and sync the wallet so that you can withdraw them, it just hasn’t been high up the priorities list for us.