Continuing NuDroid development Dec-2017 (released)

With the marketcap reaching new heights in USD, I believe there is value in continuing NuDroid development from where we left it here: [Passed] NuDroid upgrade v5 (April 2016)

Some work on Nubitsj have been done and the developer have been compensated for that at that time.
The developments have been stalled in June 2016 due to the loss of the peg. However I’ve kept most of the granted NuBits funds trusting that 1 day they would be back at their stable $1. Therefore the remaining $12,000 of this grant is still available for developments. However the previous developer have indicated to no longer continue the work. The exisiting contract to host the current App runs out in January, so some action is required now.

I like to propose to have some urgent developments done focussed on improving the usability of the current App and ensuring the continuation of development thereafter.

Priority 1 Update nodes
Currently the App doesn’t really work when downloaded and installed. You will have to manually add an existing node in the configuration settings of NuDroid. That is not great for new users and from a support perspective. The reason it doesn’t work right away is that the nodes are hard coded and became obsolete over time. Therefore it is required to update the nodes in the code.

Priority 2 Quick sync
The highest priority is to basically skip reading all the blocks from scratch. This would cut the sync times back to mere seconds over hours or days right now. From a security point of view it is already a bit moot as it only reads the headers instead of all the blocks. This change will greatly improve the user experience. It would be even more useful for holding or transacting NuBits than the standard client.

Priority 3 Increase reliability
To increase the reliability of the App it would be required to add another trusted server to the network. The 2nd trusted pre-programmed server configured in NuDroid is currently Anton which has been abandoned over a year ago. From a resiliency perspective I believe there should be another default secondary server ideally hosted by someone else.
Small tweaks in the configuration of the App are needed to set it up as the default server. This can be done after the server is running as manual configuration for a secondary default server is already possible.

My proposal is to work with another developer to complete the above priorities in the short term. We will also need to change the ID of the App on the Google Play appstore as this is currently related to the previous developer. I’ve already created a developer account for Nu which can be used for this.

Keen to hear your thoughts. My next step is negotiating with a new developer when the above priorities could be delivered. Once that clear I will publlish a motion in this forum seeking support from the Shareholders for the slightly amended use of earlier granted funds.


Can you get instructions placed in the app store entry for the currently necessary steps?

No, unfortunately I don’t have access to the current App ID. I hope to have the relatively minor updates done soon and at the same time move to the new App ID which is under our control.

What’s a node IP that works with NuDroid?

Every on-line node can be used. Key thing is that you trust it. Ideally your own node or an ‘official’ node.

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Just updating the status of this. The work on this has started. I don’t have a date as the dev has to balance the work with other priorities, but it would be more like weeks than months. Will let you know once I have a test version in my hands for item 1 and 2 in the OP.


I have just released the App into Alpha testing status on Google Play (the Android App store). That means it has met all the Google Play requirements and that we are now testing the App. I’m hoping to submit a final release soon. Priority 1 and 3 in the OP have been included in this release.


Is it possible to export private key from NuDroid, or is the feature planned?

You can generate a backup of your private keys and then use desktop tools to decrypt it similar to this

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Not sure what the context of your question is. The above answer is focused on emergencies.
Was it perhaps about exporting keys to join multisig addresses. NuDroid haven’t been tested with multisig and is not supported at the moment. I believe there is either a problem with ABE explorer and/or NuDroid App itself prohibiting simple multisig support for now. I believe it also needs some changes in the GUI to support it which usually makes it a more complex, read expensive change. Not a priority I believe.

Hi. I have the same question about exporting priv keys. The reason is that nudroid hardly ever syncs . As a result I have my nubits trapped in an address and i cant spend. I managed to export unecrypted protobuf wallet on desktop. Then i tried to dump the keys using wallet-tool of bitcoinj. However, it meets an unknown network Parameter Id in the file (org.nubits.production) and it stops since its not bitcoin. I found another guide on nudroid github linking to nubitsjs but the repo requires authentication to get cloned. Any help is appreciated.

Just tsaw the previous answers from longer than a month ago and i realized the reason why it doesnt sync. It would be really helpful if you could provide some nodes here and the exact way to configure nudroid for newbies. Or at least mention in the description at google play that the app doesnt work by just getting installed. A little info to the isers installing doesnt harm. Thabks.

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This new version of NuDroid has the new seed nodes built in and starts to sync automatically.
If you have the previous version of NuDroid you can achieve the same thing by going to
settings > settings > trusted peer
and adding You may need to tick the box to ‘skip regular peer discovery’ too.
If that still fails to work you could try as the trusted node instead (seed. has lots of ips whereas daemon. only points to one).

If you still want to go with the NubitsJ option, the repo is here and is public

I agree with your points about making it easier for New users. That;s what these efforts in updating NuDroid are all about. Apologies that you’ve not had an easy time of it. That is about to change for those coming after.

The second node triggered the sync. Thanks

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We just released the updated NuDroid client here:

Release notes:

  • Increased resiliency, added new trusted server
  • Now auto-downloading blockchain again (added new peers)
  • Added new checkpoints for the newer blockchain
  • Updated currency exchange rate APIs - now using CoinMarketCap official API

This means NuDroid now syncs and starts out of the box and is therefore more ‘new’ user-friendly. Syncing still takes a couple of hours to half a day depending on your internet connection. However that is still a lot faster than the current PC client.

In the next release we will address the sync time as mentioned in priority 2 in the first post.

When you already had NuDroid on your phone you will probably need to uninstall it. Just make sure you have made a backup of your wallet (don’t forget the password!) in case you still have coins in it BEFORE uninstalling the old NuDroid App. This is a one-off action as we changed developer and Google Play/Android basically sees this as a new App.

Please let us know about any issues you encounter either here or by submitting error reports.
And don’t forget to leave some nice review if you like it. We can use a few as we started from scratch with this release.


Great job.