[Passed] NuDroid backend server funding Dec-2017

The backend NuDroid server “SVR1” still runs on a dedicated infrastructure (4Gb memory, 2 CPU, 30Gb SSD) for about 40 NBT/month. It also has Cloudflare PRO level protection and SSL certificates to prevent easy hi-jacks/imposters.
After a few issues with the proper syncing of the blockchain the NuDroid App is now running smooth and stable for more than a month. I like to request the shareholders to continue funding for the backend infrastructure.

This grant requests funding for the continuation of the NuDroid infrastructure for 12 months starting from 1 December 2017 till 30 November 2018:

  • Server 4Gb, 2CPU 40 NBT x 12 months = 480 NBT
  • Cloudflare PRO 12,50 NBT/month x 12 = 150 NBT
  • Operator fee 10 NBT x 12 months = 120 NBT (covering updates/backups/monitoring/certificates etc.)

Total: 480+150+150 = 780 NBT

Please add the following in your client to support this grant:

BK3ziuuQgiU2e5YUeJt6vcJoE5XDmcmc96, 780

The above grant is also published on Github as a public Gist here: https://gist.github.com/Cybnate/08faa8c305fb5c57c0635cff4fca6d81 On the revision tab on Github you can verify whether and what change has been made after publication of the custodial grant request.

The backend server also runs a NuBits only blockexplorer here: https://svr1.nubitsexplorer.nu/chain/Nubits


I endorse this grant. NuDroid is our official Android wallet. @Cybnate is working to continue development of NuDroid using already granted funds.

Value of NuDroid is well worth the requested amount. If shareholders prefer to move away from NuDroid, the responsible path would be to do so over the next year, after passing this grant.

I also endorse this grant. My guess is that it has been overlooked so far.

I will vote for this.

This passed. Thanks.