Community Chat

Have at it!

We’ll see how this works and tweak / split it as needed. As people discuss ideas that would make for interesting sidebar discussions, just let a moderator know and we can split them off into their own distinct topics for further / deeper discussion.

So Ben made me realize on Reddit that this could actually work as a chat box, since Discourse is real-time. It always amazes me when I’m reading a thread and posts are edited in front of my eyes, or when new replies pop up automatically.

Don’t know who is in the community chat box. Not sure if this works…

Where is it

when you leave this thread open, it auto updates, can be used as a chat

But this is much more bulky than a standard chatbox…
I don’t know whether ot not I’m the only one who thinks that.
Adjusting the discourse code to integrate a chatbox function doesn’t sound like a solution, because it will make discourse updates difficult or impossible.
We seem to be stuck in a chatbox free environment :wink:

Right now our team is small and the existing operations overhead is large – it’s not a priority for us, but if anyone would like to take the time to set up a place for the Nu community to chat, by all means, have at it. Once you’ve got it set up and are ready, we can help direct traffic to it.

Potential trigger for today’s jumps:

there is of course also #nubits on

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#NuBits on Freenode is very kinda empty, no topic, and no operator. Only me and another one. Welcome by! :smile:

I agree with @masterOfDisaster that it’s bulky compared to a chatbox, but if you could use the API to show posts from this thread in a compressed version, i.e. chatbox…?

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Guys I have a chat implementation that I’m working out on the side. There’s a lot of things taking priority over it right now but I hope to have something the community can test in the coming weeks.


Wouldn’t it be the easiest and most convenient way to embed an IRC client as iframe into this website? I have seen this on various other sites and an active IRC channel could also attract more community members.

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That is actually the plan. The challenge is integrating it in a way that doesn’t look tacky.

You guys have inspired me with this forum. Check it out…

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Does this implementation take into account those who may not want to reveal their IP? Would it automatically log us in with the Discourse account? I like that you’re integrating with the IRC channel!

Would you be willing to share this with us to use with Peercoin’s Discourse which is under discussion?

I can’t say for sure about the IP issue. It depends on the implementation. We’ll see. There will not be automatic logging in through discourse. If we do get to a point that is implemented I can share it. It will be a very simple embedded chat.

CoinGame, as you can see from the thread I linked above, I’m trying to convince the Peercoin community to switch to discourse and integrate the forum with Fuzzy seems hesitant though, since he’s not familiar with the software and would need to learn about it and figure out how to setup systems that help prevent spam. If we were to do this, would the Nu team be willing to help answer any questions he may have about the forum software? For example, questions about setup, security, management, spam prevention, etc… It’s a lot to get used to. Who would he need to talk to about that? Is it Ben or somebody else, maybe multiple people? I’m trying to do my best to convince them of the benefits. Maybe you could read my thread and post some of your experiences with working with the discourse software, if you have some spare time that is. Thanks.

@Ben does all of the backend management, so he would be the guy to consult with. Hope you guys switch over to discourse.

Yeah, I hope so too. I’m fighting for it. It would be great to hear some opinions from people in that thread who use it daily though.