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I didnt see a discourse discussion in that thread you linked. It was an SSL discussion.

The discussion was split out and moved here.

@CoinGame, have you checked these out? Shout, Subway (“not functional”), and Slate (desktop app).

This here looks amazing, but I’m not sure anyone’s working on it:

I found a discourse_shoutbox plugin but according to this thread it’s not using the latest plugin interface leading to some inconvenience supposedly.


I’m also hanging out in the irc channel now.

For anyone that doesn’t realize, Tomjoad updated his final post in the locked thread where SkullandHeadphones was banned. I misinterpreted what had happened, so he updated his post with an explanation for the ban. I just wanted to point this out for anyone else who might have gotten the wrong idea like I did. Let’s not talk about it anymore though…

That thread was just bizzare.

So the Gitter chat hasn’t had a reply in it for 20 days now. I’m starting to think it might just be more convenient to use this thread for chatting. It has live updating and notifications and there’s no reason to visit another website where forum members may go under another user name.

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Also, sometimes things get too stressful here, so it would be nice to have a place to relax and talk about other stuff, even non-crypto related things like games, movies, etc…

That was my intention when I created “the lounge” category. Just a place to talk about whatever, post dank memes, and chill. If it got too cluttered and the front page filled up with memes that made it hard to see important posts we can just hide it from showing up in the “latest” filter category.