Coinomi Wallet

FYI Coinomi no longer supports USNBT. First noticed last night and then confirmed with them on their Twitter today

I was able to recover my funds with my private keys and now using the NuBits OS X wallet, but I can’t get a connection established to sync with the blockchain. Can anyone assist?

You’ll need to use the addnode config parameter to let the Daemon know where to connect to.

More info in this post: Wallet - Not Working
You might need to add dns=1 in the config file too to allow the seed domain to work.

There’s also a torrent of the Blockchain available on the wallets page to help bootstrap your sync: Wallets

Thanks! I previously downloaded the torrents and had the config file set up using both posts you linked but had connection timeout errors. I added dns=1 to the config file but now seeing refused connection errors.

Update: Checked again tonight and we now have a connection and about 58% synced. Will update if I have any more issues, thanks @woolly_sammoth