CCEDK trading pairs - other exchanges need to follow

It looks like CCEDK has already adopted the future naming of NBT and adjusted the trading pairs to “US-NBT”:

Unfortunately the links don’t work yet (e.g. and the panel is a bit crowded, but that just looks like it’s not yet finished.

@ronny, thank you for your efforts!

@NSRholders, to prepare the introduction of additional Nu products, the other exchanges with NBT pairs should rename NBT to US-NBT - ideally with an information for their customers to prevent them from getting “disconnected” or lost.
Remember that @tomjoad has stepped down as marketing manager, but left an important note when doing that:


I think we need to have 2 goals. Not only do we need exchanges to convert to the new US-NBT name, but we also need them to switch the pairs so that all cryptos are priced in NuBits.

Poloniex now has a whole section dedicated to Tether pairs and all of them are easily readable and priced in their USD value. NBT pairs on exchanges that read prices like .00242219 are unhelpful and don’t properly convey the value of having stablecoins like NuBits. We need to get current exchanges to switch and be more insistent in the future that every pair needs to be priced in NuBits.



We should write up a stock email first that can then be sent out to exchanges.

Will be interesting to see how that works out on Do we end up with NBT and US-NBT in their listings? In that case we might have to speed up this transition.

@ronny I see why this does not work currently.
When is the new pair scheduled for release?

It’s working now (at least


SouthXchange has changed it too:



Did you happen to message Poloniex about it already? If not, I want to send them an email about it as well as some other things.

Aaaaand they changed their API as well… ALix hotfix coming…

Yes. But I haven’t heard from them yet. I also contacted Coinmarketcap.

I’m having a problem replacing orders after I restarted the bots on CCEDK. @ronny, is this because the ticker names also changed in the API?

Edit: Just noticed that this has indeed changed:
Just tried to update the local to US-NBT, but to no avail. I suspect this needs to be done on server side and requires a server reset. Might do this after the next payout. Any suggestions are welcome. changed. Give me 72 hours and I’ll see what i can do for a simple search and replace of nbt with us-nbt.

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Yes, I’m already in the code, see edit above. I think it is only row 555 in (CCEDK section), but may require server reset before it is picked up.

Ill leave it to you then, if you need help ask. Keep up the good work and all that.

(It’ll prolly require a client update. Ill make a pull to my repo if thats where it ends up.)

Will give it a go, but your assistance may still be required :slight_smile:

Did the client update and it doesn’t work for me.

Server and client at the same time? If it requires a renaming of nbt in and shit ill need to look at it in the next couple days. Might require some if loops for ccedk specifically.

Hopefully it is only on server side. Will restart server later today and see if that works out.

Maybe I can just run a separate CCEDK dedicated instance. Will need to host Bittrex and Poloniex PyBots somewhere else then. Not work I was waiting for actually. Do we really need this change to US-NBT now?

If loops arent hard. If you need to give up, that’s fine. Ill take a look myself and report back in a couple days if you cant find a quick fix. Give it a chance, ccedk is doing good things for us.