[Bounty] Lighthouse open beta launch. A NBT fork?

The 100’000$ Crowdfunding project started to replace the BTC foundation is finally available .
I am sitting on about 1183 NBT collected from dividends waiting to be spent on something worth it. I will award those NBT (and collect more if needed) if someone can deliver lighthouse for NBT.

Read -> http://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-powered-crowdfunding-app-lighthouse-launches-open-beta/

Download -> https://www.vinumeris.com/lighthouse

If anybody feels like reading up the source code (JavaFX) and estimating the effort of making a NuBits port, that would be pretty much be best suited for a Bounty Platform for NuBits. They also have an active dev mailing list.


Extract from FAQs in their repository

Just having a crowdfunding platform is not enough; we also need:
a website that lists them, with an ability to promise a future pledge of bitcoins denominated in national currencies (to reduce volatility risk)

It seems to rely on BitcoinJ for all the bitcoin integration stuff. good news is we now have a NuBitsj library thanks to @MatthewLM and @Cybnate and the android wallet project.

I’ve not poked it (yet) but a good start would be swapping all bitcoinj mentions with nubitsj


Wow! I wonder how did I lose this news. Too much to keep up with! @Cybnate congrats ! This deserves imho a mention in the website under /resources ( @tomjoad ) and also in the official documentation (@coingame ) .

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Is having a link to this in the official documentation adequate? I’d like to reserve sub-menu slots for items that may not have any other “home”.

Sorry, I’m at work at the moment. Is Lighthouse like an advanced version of Peer4commit? Could it replace Peer4commit and a possible Nu4commit?

If so, I think it’s worth looking at this idea again by Ben, where people could donate in any crypto, have it immediately converted to NuBits by a NuBot for price stability and then choose which crypto to convert it to when you’re ready to pay back out. It could be used by any cryptocurrency project, not just NuBits. Peercoin could have its own section to store projects and donations, the same with a NuBits page, Bitcoin and anything else. It would be open to anyone so that project managers throughout the crypto industry could become accustomed to having their project funds stored safely in NuBits.

It is very different imho. General purpuse crowdfunding vs. commit-base OSS dev endorsment.

Tip4Participation looks more similar tho. And now, thanks to shapeshift API, people can use BTC and alts to bake projects.

I think Sigmike has transitioned Peer4commit in such a way that it is more than commit-based funding platform. The ability to raise and distribute funds without any repo behind it is used by a number of projects.

The advantage of Lighthouse is that it will be a platform which will be developed further by a group of people while as our Sigmike has been working on peer4commit alone as far as I’m aware and is pretty busy with other priorities. As Desrever mentioned Lighthouse could well be a platform replacing peer4commit for fundraising and bounty distributions. With the use of Shapeshift API we could receive and distribute funds in Peercoins but keep them in Nubits not being subject to ups and downs in US$ value. I think it wouldn’t immediately replace peer4commit functionality for commit based distributions, but I think we can keep it going for a while for that if desired.

And each community can have its own project advertising page as that is clearly separated in Lighthouse.

@desrever, I think we really need something like this, so it is good to see that you have put a bounty against it. Hopefully someone is able to poke at a few libraries, brew some code and serve something nice for it :smile:

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The first project, Medic Mobile, just got funded succesfully on lighthouse : https://blockchain.info/tx/3a351153423f7e82ce533565294806044ada5ceda8e2239901537b44726fc5a9


up , with things like lightlist this becomes even more interesting. No one really wants to earn 1183 :nbt: ?


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