shiftUI, a dynamic QR code for multiple cryptocurrencies

TIL : , open sourced last week.

shiftUI is a universal bitcoin qrcode generator supporting altcoins through the ShapeShift API

Live example :

This can effectively be another easy-to-integrate payment processor… And given that they are integrating it into, we now have at disposal Lighthouse for NuBits, maybe fulfilling my dream of having a bounty-program manager/custodian we will have a way to contribute directly with NuBits at lighthouse projects. It still doesn’t provide a way to create NuBits-backed campaigns.

For that we would need to fork lighthouse itself, and there is still this open 1183 NBT bounty .

EDIT: mini-bounty : 60 NBT to the first github repo with shiftUI for NBT


also, integrate coins into webapps with this other toy released today , Node.js