Block explorer at (superceded by


i am currently debugging problem with motion vote counts in the last 100 blocks so server restarts often. just hit refresh and it’ll work again.


indeed. tks!


Is it possoble to display which motions/grants every block is voting for?


you can do it now when viewing block, press extra details button on the right above transactions


@backpacker Server is down. Any chance to give it a kick?


that alias has expired again, I’ve kicked it and off we go again.


NuExplorer has been updated with new functionality, brand new SDD chart:

github is updated as well, have fun!


by popular demand charts now have 4hour granularity


This looks to be down. @backpacker?


it seems explorer software has commited seppuku after introduction of chinese nubits and doesn’t understand blocks with park rates for different currencies, i am trying to solve this so at least old functionality works, but has not been successful so far. perhaps if I throw more time at it tomorrow I’ll be able to get it up and running. here’s to hoping.


I got it running, albeit it took me awhile to understand why parser crashed, please consider my proposal to reimburse my efforts.


The explorer seems to be down. @backpacker can you help please?


Could this be related to the unexpected change in the protocol?


something has definitely happened to the blockchain so the parser is unable to process certain blocks crashing the import process.

unfortunately I have spent too much time on patching this explorer for new currencies without much hope of recovering my efforts. grant for reimbursement is at low 4 per cent.

if I am paid by @Phoenix for my previous efforts, I promise to resolve the current parser crash.


The Let’s Encrypt certificate has expired, giving an error when visiting the website. Does anything rely on the API?


updated the certificate, should be fine for couple more months



@backpacker Please get it running ASAP. It’s needed for exchange listings and a shareholder that tweeted me. Thanks!


Even homepage is now down. Anyone cares to give an update on what is going on? This is not a good look and bad timing. I believe we need a secondary blockchain server or invest more in the current one to stablise it. Ideally both.


Hello! Is there any other ways to check wallet ballance without downloading blockchain? Thanks!


For NBT, you can check here: (search by addresses)
For NSR, you will have to wait until is up again.