Block explorer at (superceded by


It’s up again. Thank you, @backpacker!

#62 record has expired, thanks for the heads up in the PM.

if somebody has access to dns, please add to point to, this would be more reliable.

server is running out of disk space as well as ram, hopefully we can upgrade for the next term.


Explorer is down. @backpacker


dns has expired again, fixed. will you add the ip to dns of nubits?


@ben, can you be at help here?


btw, after all this DDoS ip has changed to


I have asked @Phoenix to handle the transfer of DNS control to us. We don’t have it today.


@Cybnate: Sure, I’ll add it tomorrow morning.

@Phoenix is welcome to take over DNS operations after he/she provides acceptable answers to how a significant amount of NSR were stolen and what steps would be taken to ensure that their opsec is strong enough to appropriately manage said DNS admin access if it was transferred.


Were you hit during the DDoS, too? If so, that strongly indicates that it was targeted against the larger Nu network vs. happenstance when I was under the impression it was just the forums.


yeah, over 2gb ddos attacks. had to move the hosting and everything :confused:


What would motivate such an attack?
I mean we are so small in terms of market cap…the financial incentive should be low…


I have no idea what the real reason is, but there are at least a few disgruntled former shareholders or people in it for the lulz out there.

The fact that the forums and the explorer are on different hosts and within different IPs with no association other than being part of Nu, and both were attacked at the same time, is suspect.


I’ll add that to my ever-growing list of suspicious stuff.


What are the main issue of Nu, from your perspective?


No more interest in cutting weed off? :wink:


I realized the wording is too biblical.
But I d like to help Nu thrive.
Would nt you?


Oh, I do, I do.
Just have a look at all the flaws I pointed out regarding centralization, missing revenue (by design), lack of accounting, trading BTC/NBT instead of NBT/USD etc.
I could go on for some time, but you know all that already if you read my posts.

Isn’t providing information about flaws a good way to improve a project?
At the same time it can be used as test points for future customers and investors.


NuExplorer is stuck on block 1,540,006. Please upgrade. @backpacker

Our new block explorer is available at


it’s stuck. last block was about 14 hr ago


You must be confused with: That one is stuck. is on the right chain since a few days and at the time of posting