Block explorer at (superceded by

I’ve managed to setup and bring up to date a replica of nu blockexplorer together with API and all. It’s available at

Please have a look around and let me know if anything important is missing. All the changes that were necessary to make it run are pushed to my fork at

If community shows interest I’ll setup monitoring of this host to run perpetual like.

UPDATE: proposal to run it properly open for voting:

Yay, thank you for that!

Did I try too early?

Can you imagine offering a contract for maintenance of this explorer once it’s running?

Here too.
Service unavailable :frowning:

sheiße, this server is not big enough, i have to cleanup some more. can you try again?

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Tried - works! :slight_smile:

I’ll write up a grant for running this one properly with monitoring and support if there’s interest.

I’ve spent few days setting it up and getting it to sync, as a bonus I now have the script that tells me status of all parked nubits and when they due to unpark. It seems that about a month ago a lot of people really started to use the park feature.

Go for that grant, make a draft and be curious about the response.

Nice side effect, the data about the park rates!
How does that relate to


It is working. Very cool.


Good job, but maybe bad for others…
@willy, what do you make of that?

not sure I follow, do you want me to take it down?

Of course not!
The thing is: @willy invested time to create something, which is maybe similar to what you made.
He wants to cover efforts by a grant, which is understandable.
Now we have two solutions :slight_smile:
I bet you will make a grant for your solution as well, before you push it to your gihub repo.

Btw. is it possible to retrieve that data regarding parked NBT via API?

Thank you @backpacker. We needed this. Love the new chart showing when currently parked NuBits unpark.


well, you can kinda, if you request you will get an array containing timestamps of 100 days into future together with total value of remaining parked nubits at that point in time.

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Do you need information about interest paid associated with every unparking? Any other wishes?

Aggregate info about parking has been what has been missing the most in terms of network monitoring. Info about interest paid or going to be paid would be informative.

This is really fast!
I am curious about the server and network specs!

I am currently using one of the better virtual machines I have for personal use, hopefully after grant passes I get to move to similar machine but dedicated for this use.

What makes this one fast is use of indexes in mongo, i’ve had to create few extras to make it run, at cost of disk space.

Btw, I’ve made changes that enabled live update of motions/vote pages, just like original blockexplorer, that code was also missing from github :confused:

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Some things that need a little bit of attention:

  • the “NuExplorer” logo at the top left part of the page is a little bit too big and covers some of the links - at least on mobile phone with reduced screen resolution (the same is true for; no big deal
  • the NSR and NBT supply are off (“Shares Supply ~1,318,291 · Bits Supply ~31,864,181.150”); that should be fixed
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