Block explorer at (superceded by

fixed supplies. logo, I’ll have to look at it later when I have gfx programs available.

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Amazing support! :thumbsup:

On a side note should we clone BKS explorer to?

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This explorer is down. is down. was down and is just up.

Are you sure? My monitoring didn’t pick up anything and site is up and running up to date with block chain without me doing anything.

That is odd, but Nu daemon crashes about twice a week. However it has an auto restart on it. It can’t have been more than a few minutes downtime. I did notice that it sometimes is slow to respond (>10 seconds), almost like it is in sleeping mode, but it is not. Just trying again usually brings it back to life.

I will check if iti is network problem from my side.

i’ve updated a stylesheet and html a little, to make it work on narrow width devices such as mobiles, please have a look see.

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Nice! That fixed it! I can access all links, because nothing is hidden behind the logo.

I’ve enabled ssl for the host, it is now available at so it can be used as a backup for cointoolkit, pull request sent

2 Likes appears to be stuck for two days now.
Hope you can let us know what is going wrong.

Edit: my apologies, it was just my browser. Should have checked first.

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i’ve enabled links to search for grant/motion hashes. press the arrow next to the motion/grant hash and you’ll be taken here.


Very useful - thank you!

@backpacker, any idea why the voting of the NuShares is not displaying the last number of votes for this address Snvrc5q82wfe2NjEjaQAyStpPKseWrsNqn. It seems to be stuck at zero, but number votes and SDD are counting. Probably a bug in the explorer?

Great work!

I’m going to need to rethink how the original explorer is deployed to reduce costs (it’s on a medium sized box but costs more per month than I prefer). Having this alternative is great, so thank you very much!

I’ve looked through the parser code and it seems that all grants for NSR are incorrectly reported to the database as NBT with a wrong address, in this case address is BW5wBxWB464LwuRwodk4YgYvUA5oWF3pHZ. I will fix it when I have a bit more time to work on it, even though it should pass in couple of days anyway )

@Cybnate I’ve fixed the parser so NSR grants are parsed correctly and rescanned last few hundred blocks to get the up to date information.


I’ve updated the code to display current price for usnbt. It enables proper conversion for grants and so on.


added you to the docs page.