BitMessage replacement

Hi everyone

For those of us on BitMessage, you have likely noticed a performance decrease in the past week or two. The network appears to be under attack from broadcasting spam. In the past 16 hours I haven’t received any messages that have been sent to me.

Does anyone have suggestions of a suitable replacement program? I did some research and there doesn’t seem to be a reliable fix to the issue yet.

Should we make a team category to discuss internal topics like this? We can restrict it to team members.

Not necessarily, if BM is being used for any type of discussions, I think it is relevant.

I don’t believe there is a true replacement. BM was unique in its way. Somewhat close will be clients like Tox ( , not email but IM/chat. However off-line chat is possible.

Feel free to send test message to me at: 332FD0E62C435DA14B8AEB114A44F3761AC6CE812E49CAD299FE5BAE79D59C51FF6EBD47DEA3

What are the feature about BM that we are trying to replicate?

we have a team category, don’t we?

We have a staff category which is only accessible to mods and admins.

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I suspect we are looking for a way to securely send and receive encrypted messages. The forum is less secure and admins could potentially read all messages.

I just thought this was a team related discussion and noticed we didn’t have a team category. But as Ben pointed out it’s probably useful for a wider audience.

If both people communicating is using the same e-mail service, it is easy to use them with end to end encryption. The bad thing is that you have to identify yourself.

We can also send private messages through Twister. I think this is the best option since you don’t have to identify yourself.

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I’m trying twister. It looks like the best candidate so far. Who volunteers for testing it out with me?

You can send me a message @sandakersmann

I’m @desrever, but my client keep giving me blank screens from time to time and telling me to update to 9.25.0 . I’m on Mac and its not available. Doh!

Sucks being an early adopter :smiley:

Is the bitmessage net work having problem now? I have never used bitmessage before.
I have openned an account on but no one has answered my messages sent so far. I managed to get pyBitmessage working on my laptop and tried to shoot messages between bitmsg and pyBitmessage. It’s been an hour no message got through (“Sending public key re…” on pyBm ). Are others seeing the same problem?

Could someone send a test message to me at edited (bitmsg) and edited (pyBm) to help me test? Thanks !

there’s word that the network is being attacked by spam and there’s tons of messages being delayed or missing

I have tried contacting Jordan here: BM-2cX8PF84t2uhvtWE9E387V2f5Fz5iF8uUj

And Ben here: BM-2cT3cMyCKiTBMLxX7bZA84p5tTUaR5k6XQ

For both messages I’ve received the same status message: “Waiting for their encryption key. Will request it again soon.” Somebody on PeercoinTalk sent me a test message and I replied successfully, so I don’t think it’s a problem on my end. I deleted the messages I sent and tried again, but I get the same issue.

If I can’t get this to work, how do I contact Jordan and Ben?


Test message sent to mhps

The address I have for Jordan Lee (also listed on his peercointalk public profile) is:


although I haven’t received a response so I can’t confirm it works.