Binaries for RaspberryPi or other ARM devices?

This is v0.4.5 of the ARM nud. When you run ./nud --daemon the first time it can take 5-10 minutes to respond. There are some database changes that are made on the first run. Runs after that should only take a couple seconds to respond. Just keep running ./nud getinfo every couple of minutes until it does.

:warning: All previous cautionary warnings still apply :warning:


Thanks! Will test it!
Working like a charm for the first hour, but it took some minutes to respond - like you said.
It’s good that you pointed this out; might have made me nervous if I hadn’t expected that :wink:

I will download and test it on both ARM61 Rasp Pi and ARM71 Cubietruck.

@CoinGame we need you! :smile:

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I want to help decentralize the network by using my raspberry pi as a full node. What’s the status of making a Peerbox version for Nubits?
If Peerbox for Nubits is not planned for the near future it would be nice with a manual of how to setup an (relatively insecure) full node… :smile:

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I had a look at creating a Nu fork of Peerbox.
Unfortunately as it is based on Arch Linux it is somewhat incompatible with the current ARM compiled binaries of the Nu daemon. I have hacked it to be close to working using the binary supplied by CoinGame and, with the dependencies included as in the last build it is closer to working but there are differences in the way that Arch and Ubuntu sign their binaries of LevelDB and OpenSSL (amongst others). There are hacks around this but every hack meas a more difficult install, a near impossible upgrade in the future and a step away from the ethos of Peerbox where everything that runs on it is compiled on the machine itself as that is the safer way.
A Nu version of Peerbox would be much easier with open source code and the movement behind that is gaining momentum. Once it is open sourced I will re-visit this idea (although PeerChemist, creator of Peerbox, said that the Nu daemon may be included in future versions of Peerbox once it is open sourced).

In the meantime, you can mint on a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian by downloading the Nu daemon to the Raspberry Pi and running it as normal. For security you can run it as it’s own user and lock down the open ports using iptables.

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Hi woolly_sammoth,

I’m glad to see that you took some interest into doing this.
Ineed, best way to do it would be compiling it from source in the same fashion I compile all the other packages with maximum security on mind and fine integration of all the packages.

I did have plan, or maybe I still do to make Nu and Peerbox work together. I wanted to first become a shareholder and then request coin_game to grant me access to source code so I can do my magic. Naturally, with my guarantee that I will respect secrecy and closed source nature of Nu. By being shareholder, my word holds some stake as then my personal property would also be endangered if I would leak the source code.
However, in spite of being invited to become Nu shareholder very early (I think among first 20ish people) it has proven impossible for me to exchange two messages in a row with @JordanLee and actually buy those shares. So, this plans are still on hold.


Thanks for your answers! I’ll wait with setting it up until the Peerbox and Nu work together.
@peerchemist should really get some NuShares because your work is very important. Ping @JordanLee !

Hi Peerchemist. Apologies for the delay in replying.
I’m afraid that being a shareholder doesn’t necessarily guarantee access to the source code, even with guarantees of secrecy. I don’t have access to the source myself and it has caused issues for other devs, especially Giannis who created Coinomi and Matthew who built the NuBits android wallet.
Luckily it seems that we will be adopting an Open Source license sooner rather than later so that issue should go away then.

Did anyone get passed the libdb-ccx issue I have when running the RPI Nud. It can’t load the shared directory it says and I can’t find a package for it. What does it need?
Compiling libbd with different paramters? I hope not? Please help. Running the latest 5.3 binary

Edit: I think I found the cause of this, several packages (and libcurl) couldn’t be installed. Getting 404s from

ldd gave: => /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/
The corresponding apt package is libdb5.1+±dev. I think its in non-free, maybe check your sources.list if you cannot find it in the repos.

If you’re having dependency issues try following the Peershares linux build guide. That should set your environment up properly. You’ll still need to install the libcurl library I mentioned in the other thread as well.

Thanks, but I think I’m dealing with SD-card issues. Installing new image now and starting all over again.
The 404s messed a few things up probably. Will give it another shot later, getting late over here.

updated 2.0.1 unofficial builds


Is 2.1.0 in a typo ?

Yes it is. Nud is version 2.0.1:

grep version ~/.nu/debug.log
Nu version v2.0.1-1-g6fe8888-beta (2015-08-19 15:53:57 +0200)

I see no typos :smiley:


I do! :smile:

Thank you for the binaries!
btw. how hard is it to compile BerkeleyDB4.8 on the Pi?

Can I have bcexchanged when next version ? :smiley:

I can only offer you my build with BerkeleyDB5.1.
Would be veeeeery nice of @desrever if he could compile a version with BerkeleyDB4.8 - for compatibility reasons :wink: