Binaries for RaspberryPi or other ARM devices?

It crossed my mind that for minting with the NuShares it would be quite nice to have something similar to Peerbox - a highly secure operating system on an energy efficient device.
The thing is: as long as the source code is not available (and I doubt that this will happen soon) there are “only” the binaries fo MacOS, Windows and linux and other binaries can only be created by the devs.

So my question is: am I the only person with a desire for something that could be called “NuBox”?

I’m aware of the fact that minting is only done with the NuShares and the number of people owning NuShares is quite limited compared to the number of people owning Peercoin for example.
So maybe there is no desire for such a thing. What do you think?

We have discussed the idea of a NuBox. We’re totally in favor of developing something like that.

You are not, I received the very same request today.

It’s good (for me) to see that others share my craziness in terms of security and efficiency albeit I’m more focused on the security in this case :wink:
I don’t dare to imagine what could happen if lots of NuShares “found” their way to the hands of bad guys…

Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to merge nubox and peerbox ? since the share holders receive dividends in peercoin, it makes sense for them to be supporting both networks.

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I’m also interested. My only concern is about the voting.
Would it be possible to have both NuBox and wallet on PC running together for the short amount of time I like to change my voting settings on a PC or would I be banned by the network.

Guess the best and more secure option is to locally terminal in into NuBox assuming it provides an interface to adjust my settings. Thoughts?

To my best knowledge you can have the software with the same wallet run at different machines. As long as you don’t do things actively, you just have 2 nodes connected to the network.
And if you use one of the nodes to do things, the other node will recognize it (passively) like any other node would.
…at least if my understanding is not flawed.
So I think you could very well run NuBox and a PC together.

I was asking for NuBox to get a Nu wallet running on a highly secure environment. I don’t want to have a Nu wallet run on an ordinary PC - maybe for now, but not once the adoption rate is a lot higher…
Knowing that the metaphor doesn’t work: would you like to do online banking on an internet cafe PC?

For now it should run without complications, but I’d like to have one with more in-depth knowledge answer that before you try to do it and break things…

I started working on a Nu fork of Peerbox (initially for my own personal use), but ran out of time with everything else going on lately.

I’d also prefer to leave it “to the professionals,” as I don’t feel I have the deep level knowledge needed to make it proveably secure like Peerchemist does.


was there any movement on this. I’d be interested in just a copy of ‘nud’ that was compiled on ARM so I could add a full node on my Raspberry Pi. I’ve just set up two full nodes on my servers but the more the merrier right?
A fork of PeerBox would be good too but just the nud binary will get things started.

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I’d like to have that binary for ARM as well! :smile:

My RaPi still hungers for the nud binary. Please help me feed it :smiley:

Are there instructions for the changes needed to go from Ubuntu to ARM? I can look, but if anyone has a resource they like, I’ll look there first.

I should have looked that up before (because it takes ages to compile on a RaPi!), but unfortunately I don’t know how to cross-compile for RaPis…

Nothing special needed, just patience. The build tools are all built for Arm so everything they build is too.
If nud builds on Ubuntu it should build fine using a similar process on rasbian.
Some of the package names might be slightly different but a quick Google should find out.
The trouble occurs when you’re 2 hours into a compile and then hit an error. Best just to set it going at night and see if it’s done in the morning.

I think I have my peerbox with me. You’re saying I can just build it on that?. If someone can point me to some instructions on how to run a build in this thing I will give it a shot. or would it be the same instructions as, say, building peerunity on ubuntu?

As long as all dependencies are available (boost, berkeley db, etc. - whatever is required for compiling nu), you should be able to compile the source code by navigating in the bash to the directory nubits/src (or wherever the source code is…) and execute “make -f makefile.unix”.
That should work for RaPi if it works on an Ubuntu…
…just like building Peerunity on Ubuntu.

okay i’ll try it. may not be tonight.

No problem. I waited “patiently” for two days before pushing that topic again :wink:
Thank you for trying it!

you guys know about right?

Sure, but as long as there’s no source code for the Nu client available I can only beg the devs for a compiled nud that runs on ARM platforms :wink: