NuBits v0.4.5 has been released!

Hello everyone,

You can find the new binaries for Linux, Windows, and OSX on the website, at or from the individual links below …

v0.4.5 for Windows:
v0.4.5 for Mac OSX:
v0.4.5 for Linux:

#NuBits v0.4.5 changes


  • Total parked nubits by the network can be seen on the NuBits getinfo screen
  • Elected custodians can be viewed with getelectedcustodians RPC command
  • Added liquidity identifier for custodians running bots on multiple pairs
  • View park rates votes with getparkvotes RPC command


  • Fixed rawtransactions RPC failing due to locked wallet
  • getinfo now returns PoS difficulty instead of PoW difficulty
  • The client can now recognize if someone renames their wallet files improperly (uses walletS.dat when it is a WalletB.dat)
  • Incorrect tooltip on parking page fixed
  • Removed old address from sign message tooltip
  • updated “mint by stake” transaction detail screen strings to be accurate for Nu




Nice job team!

Can I have a RaspberryPi version, too? Pleeeeease :grin:


That makes you my personal hero! :love_letter:

Rasp Pi version is welcome.

v0.4.4 is already available:

If you want to operate it in testnet, make sure to enter this into the nu.comf:

You can find the unofficial test build for Rasberry pi here

Thank you @masterOfDisaster . I got that link about Nu Rasp Pi.

Ok, that is enough teasing. My Raspberry is underway on the snail mail.

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Are there Raspberry Pi versions for the new NU update (0.5.0)?