Assistant bot?

I can’t get the assistant bot to respond.

@assistant block count.

I’m trying to hash the nbt burn motion. Can someone help me do that without the assistant?

try or any ripemd160 generator you can find on old wise google.

Sorry. Assistant was sleeping and my guard script failed for some reason. Should be back up now though.

hey can you poke it again?
@assistant block count

Hi @Nagalim

The current count of the highest block on the longest chain is 356417

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Is @assistant out of order for good?
i cannot hash a grant for days now!

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There was a forum post indicating that the last forum software update caused this.
You could use Daology instead.

If you’re using Linux you could also pass the raw text to this command:

<hash text> | openssl ripemd160

Thanks guys. I used
in below grant
[Passed] Motion Dual side Nubot gateway in Poloniex @zoro - term 2
I hope i am ok :slight_smile:

Cannot get the assistant bot to hash a motion here either

Because it isn’t working:

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Now it is working. I just got my grant hash :slight_smile:

It is – thanks!

temporarily. still getting occasiobnal errors from it. need to fix those but will keep trying.


Assistant is down?
What is the script that is executed when the bot gets the “motion hash” message?