[Withdrawn] Contract to develop core code for a Nubits-fiat exchange site

This proposal has been withdrawn.


I see no need to rush. Most shareholders here seem to prefer to see a job done right than done fast. I’d be happy to see it done in 6 weeks!

You are right that devil is in the details. More reason not to rush it.

paging @woolly_sammoth

The chargeback discussion in the bounty thread shows that PerfectMoney is the best for the website owner. You can choose another, even one not in the list, depending on whose API is the easiest to use I guess.


I don’t understand if you want a 1500 NBT grant paid (to you?) which doesn’t need a hash, or you want to post a motion which needs a hash. If it is a motion, you need to specify how much fund is to be paid to whom in what condition.

Since you are a community member a development manager might not be needed because you will be your interface with the community. Nu shareholders should apppoint a test manager to do the said test, which I guess only needs 200 NBT.


I’m afraid the last forum upgrade put some rate limiters on the API endpoint that Assistant uses to monitor for mentions. When I start it, it works for about 5 minutes then fails and spams my inbox with failure emails. We’re workig on a fix but until the perhaps use https://www.daology.org/ for motions etc.

Oh god I see conspiracies arising that we killed assistant bot so people start using Daology.org (The easiest and fastest way to create proposals for your favorite organizations)…

We did a major forum upgrade recently and it’s not clear where they implemented these API limits. Still trying to figure it all out. Sorry about the mess it caused with the bot.

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How dare you?
Wait, daology is quite convenient. I should start using it, too! :wink:

It’s very convenient. Tracks changes and makes motions/grant proposals etc. available if the forum goes down.

I should maybe take this opportunity to retire the functionality from Assistant as Daology is unarguably a superior option.

I really liked the assistant bot tag. I’m having trouble finding the best way to format a daology motion in discourse. For example:

I had to copy and paste everything manually.

The more options the better. When we can find some time we’ll figure out what change broke things and see how to resolve it.

Only need to rush is needing to keep paying bills. ;-p Tax refund came through though, so all good. :slight_smile: I do think the project can be done pretty quickly without compromising quality.

Yes, I plan to use PerfectMoney since that’s a popular option as my first one, and then I’ll throw in something else for the second one.

Ah, yes, meant to be a motion and I’ll look at how to do the hash with Daology. I thought the text there made it pretty clear what is to be paid to whom when: 1500 NBT to me on completion; 300 (or 200 as you suggest) NBT to the other party who does the acceptance testing, also after that is completed. That’s the first line basically. I’ll correct the last line to make it clearer and the other details you pointed out.

Please change to "The website owner can set up the site on an commercial VPN and a Raspberry Pi without needing non-free software ". Raspberry Pi is a very important platform for Nu’s sustainable and distributed network. It is used to mint POS blocks, vote, provide liquidity on both server and client sides, at almost no recurring cost.
I think it is possible to cross compile binary for R-Pi (the OS is a variation of Debian) on a development machine if you don’t have a R-Pi. @CoinGame

Sure! I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work. One advantage of the C CGI proposal is that it would work great on a R-Pi as it should be compact and reasonably performant.

I might look at ordering one as a testing platform. It would be interesting to try to get some basic load numbers on it, although that might depend on the payment provider’s transaction fees; regardless, I’d at least be able to do some basic performance testing using a dummy fiat payment processor potentially for what it’s worth. I think it should be able to handle a fairly large volume since it’s going to be pretty lightweight queries and responses, but obviously it’d be a nice finishing step to try to actually demonstrate that.

Edit: Daology listing made for the draft

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@coinaday actually I don’t see why this motion is withdrawn even you don’t feel supported to do the documentation work. If you can write code and are interested in Nu, as far as I am concerned this is still open to you.

I think people misunderstood his last couple posts. It seems he’s not interested in Nu as a project any longer. Not sure what it was that scared him away though.

I agree, but he appears to have changed his mind which is fine, possibly because other opportunities may have come up or he was realising that his work was indeed not compatible in some ways with that for Nu. It’s a pity, but in other words we are moving on.

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I will wait for a few days and if he doesn;t come back I will continue with the bounty thread.

I didn’t see a mention of other opportunities, but frustration, because of snarky comments.
I understand why someone doesn’t want to provide service for a project/corporation if the environment is perceived as ungrateful.