Anybody knows what is reason for situation at Bter?

The main question. How much liquidity did Nu lose with this hack?

@assistant liquidity

Hi @cryptog

The current Liquidity in the Nu network is:

187667 NBT on the sell side and 40136 NBT on the buy side.

Did we lose 50k of buy liquidity?

i think so. if i remember correctly, 50k was the buy wall in BTER :frowning:

Wo. 2 major blows in a short period of time. I assume that it was not shareholder money but it does not change the fact that Nu’s buy liquidity has seriously decreased now.

The 2nd time BTer got hacked by the way, isn’t it?

Shareholders were obviously impacted by this lapse in BTER’s security. I’ve asked @jmiller to provide an reporting of just how big that impact was as soon as she’s been able to confirm. I’m crossing my fingers (based on the preliminary comments made by BTER) that it was only BTC held on the buy-side that was affected and not both the BTC and NBT that she had on the books.

This week’s events have made me physically ill to think about.


Hi everyone,

I’m keeping a close eye on this situation and plan to provide a full report of the impact as soon as I receive information regarding the status of the accounts used.

What I can tell you is that the last buy orders that NuBot placed on Bter totaled 47699.2337 NBT. Also, 50k NBT of the 250k received from KTm’s grant were deposited to Bter. The other 200k NBT remains offline.

This grant is still operational on and


I can imagine.

I am thinking now that it is possible that the attacker(s) is/are targeting exchanges holding NBTs.
At excoin and bter NBT/BTC was the biggest pair in terms of trade volume.
It is possible that CCEDK could be the next target.
I would suggest the need for reducing drastically the current TIER1-TIER2 liquidity at CCEDK right now.

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It’s within the realm of possibility, but my personal belief is that it is just exceptionally bad timing.

I tend to approach the situation from another angle – EVERY exchange is a target, all the time.

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I’m really sad to see this happen as BTER is where the majority of trade volume was… Melotic exchange might be a good option if they’re open to integrating Nu.

Well, open source just passed, so we might get on some more exchanges because of that.

I agree.

Ccedk is/was under attack. We have been experiencing a DOS attack, all funds are safe though

It seems that CCEDK and Allcoin hold most of Tier1 liquidity right now.
Nu needs to make sure that the liquidity over there is safe.
CCEDK is checking their security right now after undergoing a DOSS attack.
What about Allcoin?
Someone did contact the LPC at Allcoin just in case?

What about Poloniex?

This here is quite interesting to follow:

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any news on when bter will be back up?

some updates I could gather and translate with google from bter links note the translation might be a bit off ;p

We continue to track the hacker transfer records analysis: Link to this page if you have a new discovery, I hope you can provide clues for us. Here, thanks to Bitcoin Chinese American security team gives us safety advice, thank lengthy interviews, Bao Er Ye enthusiastic help, thank Rui fire block analysis provides us, thank you friends to provide security advice and clues for us.
Today 10:34 from Pro microblogging

Recently allows users worry, we will first arrange withdrawals work renminbi and the dollar after the Spring Festival, then the user can log on after the extraction verify account balances. Withdraw the work of other virtual currency will be opened in ensuring the safety of the digital wallet. The first opening of a virtual currency withdrawals will include NXT, XCP, XTC, etc

end translation note Chinese Spring Festival, is between feb 18 and feb 25