Anybody knows what is reason for situation at Bter?

We have to suspend all our services waiting for the security check. More information will be released as soon as possible. Sorry for the interruption.

Is what they write, could be nice to hear more about situation, if anyone knows?

it seems like all the exchanges are prone to hacking at least once. this is terrible feeling!

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Indeed. It’s really sad that most time normally set aside for development is used these days for constantly needing to upgrade security measures instead. It is however one of the great challenges of any exchange, and it seems there are no exceptions really.

well i haven’t heard about the forex like exchanges. you know the ones trading stocks and stuff, perhaps they have the best security?

Maybe, dont know much about them, or how they handle digital currecies, if they have them offered.

I have sent them email message, waiting for answer. Has this “security upgrade” ever happened before???

I hope it comes online soon. Last night I did a withdraw of about 1600 Nushares and it looked normal it was even pending, but checking this morning and I never received it in my Nushare client. I do like and i’m feeling positive that all will be well when they come back online.


Lets hope they come back with some positive answer.

I panic created this topic in bitcointalk:;topicseen#new

Reddit rumors say that their cold storage was depleted:

So those were just bitcoins? Most of my funds were in nushares, at that time, luckily.

Well lets hope it is only btc involved, last time it was NXT, so perhaps we are “lucky” only one currency, no matter how sad and bad this is anyways

If they want to continue operation they need to compensate that loss of approximately 1.8 million USD.
It might be “just” the Bitcoin wallet that was directly affected.
Anyway there might be collateral damage depending on the financial situation of bter.

BTER confirmed on their website that 7170 BTC were stolen.

720 btc placed. 比特儿被黑7000+btc

One time in my personal history with cryptocurrencies I keep my funds on an exchange for 1 week instead of immediately withdrawing to my wallet and the exchange immediately gets hacked :smiley: WTF, oh irony of life.

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so can you please explain usually what happens next? and when this withdrawal wil be possible ?

sadly but fortunatelly only BTC are gone. but how on earth a cold wallet can be hacked?
inside job or it is not so “cold”!
after bitstamp,exco,and bter i wonder what exchange follows next!

Let’s see if the hacker makes an offer like last time when the NXT got stolen.