Always $1, except when they 7 cents

I bought Nubits under the notion I could sell them for $1 any time. I deposit my Nubits to CCEDK for sale but they only worth 7 cents.

Isn’t that one of your major markets?

Not happy.

Show me the link. I want to buy some 7-cent Nubits.

I see. The buy wall is off. The sell wall is still on.

If you are in a hurry sell your NBT in the NBT/PPC market and exchange PPC to BTC.

I am in hurry. But there is no order book depth on PPC/BTC.

This motion will move a lot of support from PPC to the BTC pair: [Closed] Motion to cease shareholder-funded NBT/PPC operations

However, it is a few days from being approved by shareholders.

I see $45,000 was put on exchange to buy Nubits. Thank you.

I think the “Always $1” should be understood as for NBT/USD pairs.


Hi @spottedowl, I am sorry to hear that our walls were down at the time. As you can see from our historical price chart, that didn’t really happened much in the past. Apologies for the incident, I hope you could finalise your trade.