Allcoin down? DDOS?

this message is on the site:

Error code 18
Incapsula cannot service requests to the web site you are trying to access (The site was probably removed from the service because it is in violation of our terms of service or if it is under a DDoS attack and site service plan does not cover DDoS mitigation).

I’m getting no error at all… Host not resolved.

When will this end…

Maybe it s the threat made by the hacker a few days ago being executed…

It’s time for a good decentralized exchange.

How a decentralized exchange will prevent DOSS attack?

there is no central server to attack, you would have to attack every single node.

Wo. So the exchange will be distributed. We need that asap.

there are some things in developement for bitcoin. e. g.

Is anybodu working on decentralised exchange? did we have any proposals about it???

Inside NuNet? Not that I know of.

I’m working on a decentralized exchange.

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Can you provide us with a bit more details :)?

I can say I’m not using atomic swap or any other offered methods. They all have flaws and are slow.

I believe I have found a method using green-address like multi-sig tunnels to let instant decentralized trades happen. It is not ready to be open sourced and there is a lot of money to be made selling ideas on crowd funding platforms or to VCs in this environment so I rather not give out too many details.

What interest would VCs have in a distributed/decentralized exchange concept?

I’m serious. How would a developer generate revenue from a successfully running decentralized exchange?

Edit: Question rephrased

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i suppose he gets small fee from each transaction on his wallet like in centralized exchange

You are right, the exchange I’m building the developer would make no money but there are models where fees could be paid to users running required daemons (nodes).

Bad model

How much money did Allcoin have? No error is very bad sign.

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Mh. You mean a bit like MultiBit does?
(MultiBit users automatically donate a very small fraction when they transfer BTC using it)

@tehter Looking forward to reading your concept.

Money is made by selling ideas on crowd funding platforms and asking for donations. So now developers make more money making pretty websites over making working proof of concepts. That is why I don’t give idea out.

How much money did Allcoin have? No error is very bad sign. I had no NSR on there, I got mine on CCEDK.