A representive/manager of NuShares to aid the shareholders

Hello all,

After @lug, @bebo, and other shareholders among myself tried to ask for the community if they can vote to reimburse our shares from poloniex, few of us looked into taking legal actions.

So i’ve looked in the poloniex terms and agreement.

“ADDITIONALLY, YOU HEREBY WAIVE YOUR RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT OR CLASS-WIDE ARBITRATION. We each agree that any dispute resolution proceedings will be conducted only on an individual basis and not in a class, consolidated or representative action. If for any reason a claim proceeds in court rather than in arbitration, we each waive any right to a jury trial.”

Link https://poloniex.com/terms/

When we signed the terms and agreements, we have already given them the right to throw off our cases so such legal actions against poloniex cannot be taken to court…

If i am wrong and misread something about this then please do find a loop hole but other than that I will not give up on this issue.

Since @lug, @bebo, @NuMoon, @Huck, @Bubleek (apologies if i tagged you and you werent having the issue) have the same issue of withdrawing our NuShares from poloniex. And that we have sent them support tickets, and some of us including myself tried contacting them through social media platforms but in result there is no response.

@jooize, Esko, you have done a lot to try and help the shareholders by getting in contact with the poloniex support and I respect that. As a community member and a shareholder, along with the other shareholders that have their NuShares stuck in poloniex, i kindly ask if you can send an email to poloniex representing our issue. You have a high reputation in representing NuShares and I believe poloniex will respectively come to a solution.

If you agree to help write the email to poloniex, then we will provide any information, along with our support ticket number.

If by any means you cannot write the email to poloniex, I highly respect that and understand your decision.

For anyone that is having the same issue withdrawing their Nushares from poloniex, please provide your Support Ticket Number so that we can all come in this problem together and if @jooize accepts to represent us in the email, he can gather our ticket numbers and hope that poloniex will agree to respond and resolve our issue.

I may be asking a lot, and if i do, i apologize but as a community we might be able to resolve if we come toward this together…

If the anyone else in community has any other idea that can help us reach out to poloniex, please share your ideas and thoughts.

Thank you


My support ticket #701593

do you really still think that poloniex may answer us or anyone of the nu team ?
poloiniex is a scam . not only with us poloniex will steal everyone it is just a matter of time .
and about the terms part
this terms was changed in 1 august which was after we had our problem
we agreed to the old terms in which we didn’t waive our right in anything
and btw

  • we can use social media to start the campaign againt them not just contacting them
  • we can print new nushares ( i started doubting poloniex have ever had nushares )

Hi Dexter, hi everyone

This is a good idea you had. I was thinking we could do something like that, but English is not my native language, I didn’t feel confortable with leading that.

Glad you did it.

Here is my ticket number : #502977

They told me in October they have to do it manually. That means they still have the tokens !
Anyway, no answer since that one.

Why not creating a thread here :

Its the bitcointalk section about scam accusations, we could be at least be heard by the crypto community.

yes ! exactly . we need to spread and tell more people about this

Hi @bebo,

I’ll look into the the terms that have changed on august 1 and see what can be done by that. As of now I still want to believe that our shares are still in our poloniex wallet. Right now, I would be focused on getting poloniex’s attention through a Representative of Nushares of our issue than jumping into conclusions of them being a scam. I respect your opinion and we are on the same boat, so we will work together to reach the same goal.

So I look forward to using social media to more often now to get their attention as well. And by all means, if it the current alternatives dont seem to work out, then I’m with you to start a campaign against them.

As for printing new nushares, we have already tried that and I came to conclusion that the silence from majority of the community members does not favor this. Although few pointed out good reasons that without no proof of poloniex taking our nushares away from us, we can’t do much to prove that other than screenshots, live streaming our wallet proof/transaction status.

Yes, it would be easier for everyone if new Nushares were to be printed but I do not see that being realistic…

It’s stressful having to go through our days knowing we dont have access to our shares but it is an obstacle we must find a way around it :confused: :frowning:

@bebo @huck

Have you guys already create a thread on bitcointalk forum? If not then we can gather information from the shareholders that are having withdrawal issues and create a thread. Since more than one of us is going through this issue then it’ll have more eyes on one same problem. What do you guys think?

not yet
i am still waiting for others who have the same problem i want to know their opinion first . we need to agree about what we will say . we know that polo is a scam so we should point this out right ? otherwise the thread we will open will be so useless

Nonsense. An organsation cannot lawfully have a contract that places itself beyond the law. The only barrier is a practical one: whether you have the means and resources to pursue a legal action.

But I think the first step should be a well written letter to the Chief Executive.

Poloniex has delisted Nushares. Therefore, Poloniex does not wish to have further involvement (for now). Therefore, it has a natural duty to conclude its affairs in a proper means - for instance, by returning to customers what is theirs. To terminate activity without tying up loose ends goes against all business norms. While a legal action is perfectly possible, it should not be necessary. Acknowlege that now is a hectic time in crypto, due to the volatility, but ask that the chief executive finds time to ensure that Poloniex fulfils its obligations to former customers.

Nushares has an active community and road map, so it is in everybody’s
interest that matters are resolved, in case Nushares becomes prominent in future.

Provide a list of ticket numbers, etc.

And I stress - write an actual letter. Find the chief exec’s name and the postal address.


That’s a great initiative. Thank you. Here’s my ticket number in case things ever get solved : #699740

good idea
except we don’t know his address or even his email ?
and we can’t just trust internet about such information . there are hundreds there who claim to be Tristan D’Agosta with different contact addresses . i don’t want to get scammed by one of these people while trying to get out of a scam

According to the website, the address is:
Poloniex, Inc., Wilmington, DE, USA

A more detailed address is available from this link

Mr. Tristan D’Agosta
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
1013 Centre Road
Suite 403-B
Wilmington, DE 19801

There is also an address under item 23 (Arbitation) of the terms of use

Poloniex, Inc. c/o Cooley LLP
500 Boylston St
Boston, MA 02116
Attn: Poloniex Arbitration Requests

I think a letter should be written to the Chief Executive in the first instance. Then try the second address if the Chief Executive fails to give a positive response.

I won’t write the letter, as I am not affected, but I am happy to comment and make suggestions, if someone knocks a first draft together.


Hello @matthewd ,

I want to thank you for giving feedback and information, it really means a lot. A letter to the chief exec of poloniex sounds like a good idea. I’ll try and start to gather all the support tickets from affected shareholders and then proceed with a draft letter. Also, thank you for your offer to comment and give us suggestions on the draft. Looking forward to it! :smiley:

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Hi all,

Those who have their Nushares stuck in poloniex, can you please provide your ticket number to this thread. Please make sure your ticket number is correct and concerning your issue of withdrawing NSR.

These are the ticket numbers I have collected from this and previous threads:

@lug- #361605
@bebo- #141030
@Huck- #502977
@Med- #699740

If i tagged your name and your ticket number is wrong, please reply with the correct ticket number.


that was so much helpful . thank you for it


Thank you I’m truely looking forward to a nice ending of this whole mess

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Thank you very much for getting the ball rolling on this @Dexter. I think this will be the easiest way to get past the ‘support ticket’ road block everyone effected is running in to.

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It is very nice to see this activity taking place. I do firmly believe that this is the right course of action in getting the NuShares refunded from Poloniex. I would be happy to add my name to a letter (open or otherwise) to Poloniex if it is felt that that would help.


Write a complaint, and you will be returned. Then thank me :slight_smile: