A representive/manager of NuShares to aid the shareholders




Hey Dexter, do you have any news to bring us ?


Hey Med, not at the moment. I’ll try to get the draft done and have someone revise it before sharing it with you guys. I’ve been a bit busy with college at the moment but I’ll get it through.

Thank you all for your amazing thoughts and ideas :smiley:


Alright np thanks for what you’ve been doing so far anyway


Hello all,

Sorry all for the long delays but I have finally gathered the draft. I had certain people and professional writers help me with the writing. I will be finishing up with the final touch and will do my best to mail it out by tomorrow! I choose not to reveal the letter until the case has been resolved. If you were among the shareholders that had their support ticket added to the letter, just shoot a dm if you want to see the letter.

Thank you all for contributing your ideas and thoughts, highly appreciated! :smiley:
P.S. lets all hope this is issue will be resolved…


Hi, thank you for your efforts, my latest support for air ticket #384979


If you want me to proof read it, send it by direct message.


Hey, ive been having the same issue with poloniex do you think you can add my ticket number in the letter? I havent got anywhere with them. (Ticket #710895) Thank You!


I applaud the prompt attention to this, but shareholders represented by the letter should have opportunity for comment, before the letter is/was sent. If it is not too late, please send the draft to the interested parties.


Can anyone recall the precise circumstances of Poloniex’s delisting of NuShares? In particular, the exact date (or month/year)?

And was any notice given?


Here’s a tweet of them announcing the date on their official twitter account



Let’s drawft a respectful and polite community letter that lists each of our individual ticket numbers (for our withdrawal addresses) that we can each send as a new message to our existing tickets.

In my opinion the letter should state what it is and that it aims to withdraw funds of many individuals and therefore they would be able to batch process the request for all of us which would save their time.

On top of that, this might shorten the processing time for us all.

Thoughts? Ideas? Shoot!